The Strength of Women:  Venezuelan Commune Members Facing the Blockade

By Marco Teruggi on July 19, 2019

Yaritza Navarro, Photo: Marco Teruggi

Women in Caracas slums have a plan; setting up an economic system that allows them to ensure that food arrives directly from producers to their table. (more…)

Nicaragua Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution

By Nan McCurdy on July 21, 2019

Today, July 17 is the 40th anniversary of the Day of Happiness when the US-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza fled Nicaragua in the early morning hours. (more…)

Venezuela: Trump Diverts Central America Aid to Guaido as EU Threatens More Sanctions

By Ricardo Vaz on July 18, 2019

The Trump administration is reportedly diverting over US $40 million of aid destined for Central America to the Venezuelan opposition. (more…)

A Hasta Siempre to Cuban Poet and Writer, Roberto Fernández Retamar

July 20, 2019

Photo: Dunia Álvarez Palacios

The news of the departure of the famous Cuban poet and writer Roberto Fernández Retamar, President of Casa de las Américas, moves us all. (more…)

Demonstrations in Support of Puerto Rico in the United States

By Alicia Jrapko on July 19, 2019

Oakland, CA Photo: Bill Hackwell

Thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets this week to demand the resignation of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello. (more…)

Why the Canadian Government is Confronting Venezuela

By Arnold August on July 16, 2019

Many Canadian companies are seeking legal action after their projects were nationalized

Since the attempted U.S. coup against Venezuela on January 23, backed by the Lima Group of which the Justin Trudeau government is an active member, (more…)

Bachelet and Almagro: Soulmates

By Angel Guerra Cabrera on July 17, 2019

Michelle Bachelet’s report on human rights in Venezuela has all of the requirements to have an outstanding place in a universal encyclopedia of infamy. (more…)

Live from Nicaragua: Uprising or Coup?

By Roger Stoll on July 17, 2019

Live from Nicaragua: Uprising or Coup? A Reader is a thoughtful, multifaceted collection of essays, eyewitness accounts, interviews and news clips of last year’s US-backed regime-change war (more…)

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