Access to Clean Water is a Human Right: Why is Palestine an Exception?

By Ramzy Baroud on April 17, 2019

Free access to clean water is a basic human right. This is not just a common-sense assertion, but also a binding legal commitment enshrined in international law. (more…)

Philadelphia DA Drops Opposition to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Appeal for Freedom

April 17, 2019

Pam Africa, photo: Bill Hackwell

“This is a people’s victory”, Pam Africa.

Who would ever think that we would see this headline, in our lifetime?  This is the press release up on the Philadelphia District Attorney’s website posted minutes ago. (more…)

Call for Global Action, La Via Campesina

April 17, 2019

This April 17th – the International Day of Peasant Struggle – with our living memory and rebellion inherited from our 19 landless comrades murdered with impunity in the Eldorado do Carajás Massacre in Brazil, (more…)

From Zapata to Zapata

Luis Hernandez Navarro on April 16, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Native Mexican Teresa Castellanos has spent the last six years of her life defending the land of her people. She is spokesperson of the Permanent Assembly of Morelos Peoples. (more…)

Dreaming in Miami

By Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada on April 19, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

After three months of threats and threats it took two stages – the State Department in Washington DC and a theater in Miami – for the US Administration to finally announce what it intends to do to intensify its economic war against Cuba. (more…)

Cuba Reiterates Strong Will to Resist US Aggression

April 18, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

The Cuban Revolutionary Government reiterated that it will resist any US attempt to overthrow the Revolution, in the wake of the escalation of the aggressiveness of the Trump Administration.


The Cubans Are Not Surrendering

By Angel Guerra Cabrera on April 18, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

On April 17, 1961 Cuba was invaded by a counter-revolutionary brigade made up of Cuban Americans that had been organized, trained and equipped by the United States’ CIA and the Pentagon. (more…)

Lima Group Follows U.S. Instructions against Venezuela

April 16, 2019

“Again they are following the perverse instructions of the United States,” said President Miguel Diaz-Canel through a message posted in his Twitter profile, criticizing the statement released last Monday by the Lima Group, (more…)

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