U.S. Blocks Access to Abortion, A Right Cuba Has Held For Decades

By Alejandra Garcia on June 26, 2022 from Havana

1994, women have led the fight for safe and legal abortions in the US  and they won’t stop now. photo: Bill Hackwell

Scandal, pain, and anger. Women’s rights advocates in the United States cannot believe what has just happened. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the historic decision that legalized abortion in the United States. According to the ruling, there is no longer a constitutional right to abortion, guaranteed by the case known as Roe v. Wade. The news had been leaked over a month ago but now the cold cruel reality has hit home. (more…)

Ecuador: Popular Uprising Continues in the Streets of Quito as Parliament Discusses Lasso’s Removal

By Resumen Latinoamericano on June 26, 2022

Barricades on the streets of Quito, photo: Yurak

The situation in Ecuador at this moment is very fluid as the large militant protests remain in the streets erecting barricades and skirmishing with the police. Parliament has just re convened to continue the discussion on the impeachment of President Lasso. If this were to happen it would be another major blow against US foreign policy in the region. Here is the latest report coming from Resumen Latinoamericano’s bureau in Buenos Aires. – editor

A Matter of Size

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on June 25, 2022

State Department spokesman Ned Price, photo: Ron Przysucha

It’s a matter of size, but it depends on the yardstick with which you measure it. In a press conference at the State Department last week, spokesman Ned Price went on a grand peroration against large states bullying small ones and preventing them from “exercising their sovereignty, (more…)

In Solidarity with the Ecuadorian People, for the Reestablishment of Democracy in Ecuador

Declaration of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity on June 24, 2022

The Ecuadorian people, with the indigenous and peasant movement at the forefront, have taken to the streets to express their resistance to the adverse impacts of the extreme neoliberal policies implemented by the government of banker Guillermo Lasso. (more…)

An Opportunity for the US to Engage with Cuba

By Manuel R. Gomez on June 22, 2022

Policy towards Cuba was almost completely out of the headlines until two recent Administration actions: the exclusion of Cuba from the Summit of the Americas, which brought criticism from much of the continent, and the announcement of several modest yet positive steps to reverse some of the draconian measures taken by Trump against the island. (more…)

Reviving the Bracero Program is the Wrong Answer for Immigrant Workers

By David Bacon on June 23, 2022

2019 protest against the H2-A guest worker program. photo: David Bacon

Ninety-six years ago, J.W. Guiberson, a San Joaquin Valley cotton grower, explained a primary goal of the country’s biggest agricultural interests. “The class of labor we want,” he said, “is the kind we can send home when we get through with them.” (more…)

What is Putting Ecuador’s Democracy at Risk?

By Gustavo A Maranges on June 23, 2022

photo: Stephanie Feldon

The situation in Ecuador has been critical for 10 days now. The country has been paralyzed since June 13, when the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) called for a general strike due to the critical situation of more than one million indigenous people and the poorest sectors of Ecuadorian society. The government has responded to people’s anger with excessive repression, (more…)

Petro, a Historic Victory

By Atilio A. Boron on June 20, 2022

photo: Prensa Latina

With just over 98 percent of the precincts counted, the triumph of Gustavo Petro, candidate of the Historic Pact, in the second round of the Colombian presidential elections was confirmed. Petro had 50.51 percent of the votes against 47.22 percent for his rival. It is an extraordinary victory, with not only national but also continental projections. (more…)

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