Delcy Rodríguez: A Name Synonymous with Dignity in Venezuela

By Carlos Aznárez on June 24, 2016 

venez.Not since the time that Cuba was in the OAS have words so clear and emphatic been heard there than the ones recently made by the Venezuelan Bolivarian Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez. It was a real rush of fresh air bursting into an area that has always represented the official tentacles of U.S. foreign policy for Latin America.

With forcefulness and with an air of necessary disrespectful rebelliousness (for those who think in terms of “politically correct discourse”) Delcy Rodríguez put each of the dinosaurs who sought to slap sanctions on Venezuela in their place. She first pointed to the nefarious Uruguayan Luis Almagro, who was placed in the position of the Secretary General of the OAS through the maneuvers of Jose Mujica and Tabare Vazquez. Once those two realized just how compromised their chosen pigeon was in wielding with impunity a bias against the struggle of the peoples, the damage had been done.

Delcy was emphatic and direct in her repudiation of the agreements that Almargo had orchestrated against the Bolivarian revolutionary process and its President Nicolas Maduro. But she was also clear to connect the true intention of Washington’s new pawn. “What the Secretary-General is really promoting here, in collaboration with the Venezuelan opposition is a coup d’etat in Venezuela.”

Fired up and exerting her role of popular communicator, like the style once used by Commander Hugo Chavez, Delcy enlightened the meeting by polarizing and exposing which side each and every member of the Pan American organization stood. On one side were the historical friends of the Bolivarian Revolution and on the other the loyal felons of the Yankees from the North. For the later she did not mince words when she said.” We are living in a time where the rules of the games are broken, creating a muddy situation. The intention is to prosecute one member nation. Not just by judging it but also condemning it.”

Looking from one side of the room to the other while she spoke, the Foreign Minister proceeded to denounce her peer from Paraguay, who had tried to judge Venezuela for “human rights violations” for the imprisonment of the terrorist Leopoldo López. Without holding back anything, Rodríguez reminded Almagro that if there is any country on the continent that violates human rights it is Paraguay whose prisons are full of peasants along with routine massacres that take place of humble people living there.

Impeccable in her onslaught, Rodriguez was relentless in exposing those who harbored the idea of bringing forward an Inter-American Charter to deal with Venezuela. She directly addressed the Secretary of the OAS for having the nerve to want to include in the meeting someone like Ramos Allup, who is considered “a traitor to the Homeland” by the majority of the Venezuelan people.

The end result of this diplomatic victory is that Almagro and his henchmen had to save the ‘letter’ in their pockets and recognize that a single woman, with fortitude and revolutionary ideology, functioning in a  nest of male chauvinists, was able to stop them, and leave them out like never before.

Delcy Rodriguez’s denunciation of the schemes of the empire also helped define something that is becoming increasingly necessary: “With or without the OAS we will defend the country and its institutions.” In this she left the door open for a claim made by some governments and grass roots organizations that calls for leaving an institution that does not serve the people and not by chance is headquartered in the belly of the beast.

For those of us who continue to defend the anti-imperialist ideas of the continent we want to thank you compañera Delcy Rodríguez for representing us so well.

Translation, Resumen Latinoamericano North America Beureau

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano