Repolarization, Repolitization and Reunification

By Adán Chávez Frías on June 3, 2018

Photo: Roger Harris

On June 6, despite the pressure on Latin American countries by Vice President Pence, the United States failed to secure the necessary votes to expel Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS) during the 48th General Assembly. Editorial

With the reelection of President Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan people undoubtedly have delivered a heavy blow to US imperialism and its allies.

There is now some concern in the White House about the rearrangement in the correlation of forces on the continent. Their decree of ending the cycle of progressive governments in the Patria Grande does not seem to be realized yet, because our heroic peoples continue in battle. With Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in the lead, we remain standing despite the brutal attacks from that system, in their “the superior phase of capitalism.”

As far as Venezuela is concerned, the Trump administration is becoming more aggressive every day, trying to stop the influence of the Bolivarian Revolution in the ongoing processes of liberation. For example, Canada’s new illegal sanctions show that Washington will not cease in its attempt to overthrow us by enlisting its junior partners. United States VP, Mike Pence, will propose this week at the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), the suspension of Venezuela from that body to try to isolate and surround the Bolivarian Government, which has long expressed its decision not to continue to be part of that regional body. We have no doubt, they will again be defeated by the dignity of most Latin American and Caribbean governments.

Every day there is more evidence of the failure of neoliberalism as a viable economic model and the people will continue in rebellion against those who seek to take away their social and political rights.

At this moment, the hemispheric peace is in serious danger with the entry of Colombia into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), because it assures the hegemonic powers the real possibility of intervening directly in the internal affairs of Latin America countries.

In this context, the Bolivarian Revolution will continue to strengthen its diplomacy of peace and this is made clear by gestures such as the release of US citizen Joshua Holt, fulfilling the first line of political action of the six announced by President Nicolás Maduro.

On the other hand, the fifth line of action directed by our president is precisely the defense of the Homeland and the Constitution in the face of foreign conspiracies and threats. But the defense of the Fatherland against imperialism also must happen, among other things, in the fight against corruption, for the construction of the new socialist ethic and the reaffirmation of Bolivarian Socialism.

And it is there where the new Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), announced by the National Directorate, will play an important role in that regard. We are at a historic turning point in which we must hasten the consolidation of the socialist model to guarantee the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Not even for a moment should we hesitate. Let’s bear in mind that the aggression against us will increase and we must prevent at all costs the scenarios of violence that the counterrevolution seeks to revive. For the people to resist and advance despite the threats and difficulties it has to be better connected with the strategic objectives of the Bolivarian socialist project, following the legacy of the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez and, of course, with the comrades who, for one reason or another, have been given the responsibility to assume the leadership of the process.

It is imperative then that the Congress of the PSUV deepen the dialogue directly with the communities, with the people, to articulate the strategic with the tactical in the socialist construction. We must go to debate in the catacombs of the town, because it is the people who will give us answers to continue advancing in the fight against the economic war, in the optimization of production and in the maintenance of peace, both in our internal politics as well as the external.

In that sense, it is there where we want to make a programmatic contribution. To complement methodologically at this juncture the six strategic guide lines presented by Comrade President Maduro.  They are:

1.    Dialogue,

2.     pacification and national reconciliation,

3.     progress towards a productive economic agreement,

4.    a renewed and frontal struggle against corruption,

5.    strengthening of social programs for the protection of the people,

6.    defense of the nation and ratify the path towards socialism .

We must take up the method of the 3R’s proposed by Comandante Chávez, which includes Repolarization, Repolitization and Reunification and add to it Revision, Rectification and Re-boost for a greater process of reconstruction of the revolutionary majority in the country.

In this new stage of the Bolivarian Revolution, we cannot improvise or run the risk of losing what we have achieved. Where we have to do the deepest self-criticism, we will do it thoroughly to reactivate the 3R to the square.

The Revolution must pay attention to the needs of the people and must be, as Chávez taught us, accompanying the people in their daily lives, in their pain, supporting them, organizing them, gaining in collective consciousness, and learning together with them. Our party, today more than ever, must be one of the two arms of the great body of the Revolution.

In one arm the party, as part of the political management; in the other, government management to guarantee the search for solutions with a socialist and a vanguard program. Both are part of the body of the Revolution, which must have a great collective brain, consolidated in the battle of ideas; and a huge heart, that is able to embrace the loving reason that our Eternal Commander left to us. Only in this way, acting in an articulated, organized, conscious way, strengthening the People’s Power, will we be able to move forward.

As our dear compañero Nicolás Maduro said during his inauguration as re-elected president before the sovereign National Constituent Assembly: “We need a profound rectification, a profound learning … We need to retake the permanent revolution that Comandante Chávez proclaimed, to ready ourselves for the whip of the imperialist enemy.

Lets go compatriots. Lets continue in the debate and in the reflection for revolutionary action!

Let us Repolarize, Repoliticize and Reunify the people and our militancy.

¡Always with Chávez!

¡All of us with Maduro!

Source: Aporrea, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America Bureau