The New Cuban Constitution was Approved by 86.85% of the Votes

February 25, 2019

Yesterday, February 24, 124 years since the country’s independence struggle was re-initiated, millions of Cubans participated in the successful referendum, conducted transparently, in accordance with the law, to support the construction of a brighter future and strengthen unity around the Revolution

The National Electoral Commission (CEN), in its last report of the day, described the Constitutional referendum process as positive, recognizing the people’s broad participation.

Participation was massive, said Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, CEN president, reporting that as of 5:00 pm, 7,524,318 citizens had voted, representing 81.53% of the electorate. This figure is 3% higher that the voter turnout recorded in the second round of the last general elections in March of 2018.

A considerable number of voters were registered during the day including some 200,000 exceptional cases.

At the beginning of the day, registries nationwide included 8,669,714 eligible voters. A total of 24,297 polling stations were opened in 12,513 constituencies, plus 198 special stations, with more than 400,000 persons involved in the process, including electoral authorities, supervisors, collaborators, students, and groups in charge of the tally at different levels.

Díaz-Canel: This is the Constitution we will leave our children and grandchildren, emphasizing the role of youth in the all the country’s current efforts. This Constitution dignifies and upholds the legacy of Fidel and Marti, and of Raul, and strengthens rights.”

Díaz-Canel: This February 24 is day that reaffirms continuity. With a stronger Constitution that dignifies our country, an advanced Constitution. Today is a reaffirmation of our socialist nature. “The war they wage against us is economic, they try to impact our identity, using even the pettiest things.”

Comptroller of the Republic Gladys Bejerano Portela, after exercising her right to vote, commented via Twitter, “I vote Yes for my children, my grandchildren, for my family, for my compañeros, for my heroic people and, why not, for the world, because Cuba is the hope of the all who love life.”

First Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa voted for the homeland, the first to do so at polling station No.1, Constituency No. 59 in the Havana municipality of Playa.

After casting his ballot, he commented to the press that the day, “is of extraordinary significance, of an historic nature in terms of continuity.”

He emphasized his conviction that the people in their vast majority would approve the new Constitution.

“We have come to say Yes for our homeland. It is a worthy tribute to our Comanadante en Jefe, to our heroes and martyrs,” he said, adding, “If we can be proud of anything, it is that, once again, we will show the world the solid unity of our people.”

“This 2019,” Valdés Mesa concluded, “we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of our first Constitution, that assures the nation’s sovereignty and independence. We will not renounce continuing the updating of our socio-economic model.”

The first voter to cast a ballot, in the Havana municipality of Cotorro, at polling station No.2, Zone No.3 in the Santa Maria del Rosario neighborhood, was Ana Ivis Estenvez Guerra.

Today February 24, 124 years since the re-initiation of the nation’s independence struggle, in accordance with the law, thousands of Cubans are participating in the construction of a better future and strengthening unity around the Revolution

Because it is the Constitution we Cuban men and women made together. Because it guarantees the rights of every one of the nation’s citizens. Because it upholds the dignity of our people. Because it is anti-imperialist.

Source: Granma International