Pompeo Lies: They Didn’t Leave; They Were Expelled

By Carlos Aznarez, March 12, 2019

Undeniably the coup staff orchestrated in Washington is hysterical because things haven’t been turning out the way they had planned. They failed on February 23, with the excuse of bringing “humanitarian aid” at the border between Venezuela and Colombia generating a sudden action of paramilitaries who momentarily took a “liberated” strip of territory. They were rejected by the Venezuelan Peoples Militia and the National Venezuelan Armed Forces (FANB) with courage, discipline and bravery; there was no hiding the results from the world, that now weeks later even the New York Times has had to admit.

They also failed with the arrival of the former deputy under the alias of “president”, who had to go through immigration at the airport and then proceed to a rally with scant number of supporters. They were convinced that the “dictatorship Maduro” was going to stop Guaidó and in that way the empire would have an excuse to punish Maduro and his government. “If they even touch Guaidó’s hair, they would have to face the consequences,” said the genocidal Elliot Abrams, Mike Pompeo and Marco Rubio. Nothing happened and the Venezuelan continued with their annual celebration of  Carnival.

Then came the brutal and widespread terrorist operation, known worldwide as the blackout but it too has ultimately failed. The whole country was thrown into dark and yes the people with their government suffered the the consequences, but it did not generate the desired “uprising” that the puppet Guaidó had promised to the U.S. Moreover, in spite of the flood of false news including people drinking contaminated water, the announcement of 293 deaths in hospitals etc , last Saturday, in the middle of the blackout, tens of thousands of Chavistas, who know how discern how low the enemy will go, took to the streets to support the government elected by the people.

They failed despite the damage done, and even if they try again, as Maduro rightly said, they will fail again.

Now, as a result of the tantrum in the high command of the coup, they are trying to lie again about what is a healthy and logical expulsion, considering the open responsibility for the cyber-attack of their government, of all U.S. diplomats as personas non grata.

But Mike Pompeo who lies nonstop is claiming it is they who decided to leave and not the government that expelled them as Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described in the expulsion step by step.

In other words, the United States and its sycophants from the European Union and the Lima Cartel are demonstrating that as long as they can take the oil and all the natural wealth of Venezuela they are capable of any brutality. As they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, they do not care about destroying the country and its people in order to achieve their goal. But with Venezuela they are wrong again. There is something substantial that repeatedly fails for them and that is they have not convinced the people. Neither they from the outside nor the local puppet, who day after day shows his real face and fails to enthuse even those on his own side.

Faced with this reality, that of a brother country facing the fury of the greatest terrorist empire of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, anyone who identifies with freedom, justice and self-determination of peoples must defend Venezuela, its people and its legitimate government, as one would defend their family at home if it were attacked by a gang of soulless criminals. There are no excuses: the enemies of the Bolivarian Revolution are our enemies.


Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation North America bureau