Truth Comes to Light; No “Sonic Attack” in Cuba

By Graciela Ramírez on March 15, 2019

Press conference; there is no scientific evidence of sonic attacks. Photo: Yaimi Ravelo

In a press conference held at the International Press Center (CPI) Carlos Fernández de Cossio, General Director for U.S. Affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed details of the scientific multidisciplinary research conducted at the highest level for the last two years. He was accompanied by a panel of experts in Neurosciences, Neurology, Medical Clinic, Psychology and specialists in the areas of diplomatic security, research and operations and the Criminalistics Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior.

The information that was made public today for the first time to the media was shared during the last two years with U.S. authorities. Upon receiving the detailed explanation made by Cuba base on the analysis of professionals from all this irrefutable scientific research the escalation of aggressions of the current U.S. government against the Cuban Revolution becomes evident once again.

Words in politics are not said at random: “attack” synonymous with aggression

On February 17, 2017, the U.S. Embassy in Cuba informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that its embassy personnel had suffered alleged “sonic attacks” and as a result some of its officials suffered from hearing loss and health problems.

With the seriousness that Cuba has shown throughout its history, it immediately gave top priority to the allegations, offering all the guarantees to initiate a thorough investigation. From the beginning, the U.S. characterized it as an “attack”, the first one occurring November 2016 and the last one close to the date of the denunciation before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Measures taken by Cuba

While Cuba approached the situation with an honest, transparent and scientific approach with an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional committee the U.S. from the beginning insinuated “attacks” with all that this implies. A criminal investigation was also opened.

Detailed research was carried out in the residences of adjacent neighbors, also in hotels. No one had symptoms of illness or perceived sounds other than those usual in this lively and bustling city. All the facilities were opened so that officers of the FBI and the Royall Mounted Police of Canada, a country that also alleged the affectation of its officers, would be allowed to carry out their tasks of independent investigation in the country.

Fernández de Cossio also highlighted that the government of Canada reacted differently in the investigation and the releationremain at a high level with Canada being one of the major investors in very important sectors of the Cuban economy including tourism.

The FBI – four months later – began the investigation in Havana, reaching a total of 9 operational visits, while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did so on 7 occasions. Cuba always shared with the US and Canadian authorities the results of both the scientific investigation and the police experts.

Dr. Mitchell Valdés Sosa, director of the Neuroscience Center of Cuba, explained in detail the impossibility from the sciences of provoking auditory or other type of affectations through a weapon of emission of sonic, ultrasonic waves, and high or low frequency microwaves. He shared his experiences with experts from the United States and Europe on dozens of occasions, which coincided with the studies of the Cuban commission.

Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Hernandez Caballero, of the Interior Ministry’s General Investigation and Operations Directorate, said the United States denied all access to interview patients even though all guarantees of confidentiality were offered.

Both the offices of Fernández de Cossío and Dr. Valdés Sosa made it clear that Cuba does not question the fact that there may be sick personnel, but they assured with conclusive evidence that the symptoms or affectations do not have any relationship with the stay of these officials on the island.

The FBI investigation also has ruled out the hypothesis of sonic, acoustic, ultrasonic or infrasonic attack. The current Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in June 2018 that there was no evidence against Cuba. But the State Department and the hawks Bolton, Marco Rubio and the mafioso Claver-Carone continue speaking to the press with premeditated treachery and irresponsibility by inserting the word “attacks”.

Let’s remember that the big lie of the supposed “attacks” was the justification for the expulsion of Cuban diplomats accredited in the U.S., the “travel alert” to discourage trips to the island and the emptying of the U.S. embassy in Cuba.

This has caused very serious inconveniences and enormous expenses for thousands of Cubans who, for family reasons, need to travel to the United States. Today, in order to obtain a visa, they must go to a third country, with the expense that this implies, without knowing if they will obtain it or be denied it. To compound the problem just this past week the Trump Administration announced the elimination of the 5 year visa for Cubans travelling to the U.S.

“The U.S. government never presented Cuba with any evidence of an attack, nor has it done so before the international community.” Fernández de Cossío confirmed that, “there is no evidence, theory or investigative result linked to science that justifies the use of the term attack that the U.S. government uses publicly, although in official exchanges they recognize that there is no evidence.”

This deliberate slander has been taken with extreme seriousness by the Cuban government and qualifies it as “an irresponsible danger”.

Resumen Lationoamericano, Cuba edition, translation North America Bureau