United States, Venezuela and a New World of Puppets

By M. H. Lagarde on April 11, 2019

Puppets at the OAS. Gustavo Tarre, and Luis Almagro

Following the failure of the alleged humanitarian aid, persistent calls for the Venezuelan Armed Forces to surrender to the imperial power and consecutive acts of sabotage to the country’s electrical system, the United States is attempting once again to revive its lifeless puppet in Venezuela.

Last Monday, backed by Washington, the Organization of American States (OAS) passed a resolution to accept a representative appointed by Venezuela’s National Assembly chairman Juan Guaido to that organization. The following day, speaking as the voice of the United States, Vice-President Mike Pence convened the U.N. Security Council to demand that the organization recognizes Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate president.

Taking into account that the Bolivarian Government had started a 24-month process to quit the OAS on April 26, 2017 and that two countries allied to Venezuela —Russia and China— have the right to veto at the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. attempt to give a boost to its Venezuelan pawn can only be seen as a media maneuver to keep alive the faith of those involved in the coup d’état.

As Venezuela’s Ambassador to the U.N. Samuel Moncada expressed, many countries in this multilateral organization do not support the United States in this hostile stance against Caracas. As a matter of fact, some of those that support Washington are privately commenting that they are having second thoughts about it.

“They had believed the story that Juan Guaido was going to be in power the day after he self-proclaimed himself interim president. But the truth is that he has no effective power, he controls nothing in Venezuela,” Moncada stressed.

Last March 29, the rightist online newspaper El Nuevo Herald affirmed that “according to several sources, the excitement in some U.S. and diplomatic groups about Juan Guaido and their expectations of overthrowing Nicolas Maduro had been replaced by frustration given Maduro’s permanence in office and concerns about Russia and China’s interference.”

But, as the empire vigorously shakes the strings of its puppet, in self-contradiction, imposing the “self-proclaimed president” at all costs, exposes the marionette more and more each day to the international community.

Blinded by its hegemonic arrogance, the United States is going to do everything possible to not accept its failure to the referendum which became the heroic resistance of the Venezuelan people and its insistence on turning the current world order into a puppet show.

Therefore, as Army General Raul Castro said during the proclamation of the Republic of Cuba’s new Constitution: “In Bolivarian land it is being defined today if it is true or not that Latin American and Caribbean nations have the right to self-determination; if sovereign power lies on people or on a foreign government; if it is acceptable or not that a powerful country decides who rules an independent State; if norms and principles that guide the United Nations Organization have real value or are a dead letter; if people in this region will remain passive before the attack to the sovereign power of a sister nation or will they condemn that crime.”


Source: Cuba Si, Translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau