The Latest Imperial Aberration; Preparing “Guaidos” for Cuba

By Oscar Sanchez Serra on June 13, 2019

Following such a failure in Venezuela you really have to be desperate to insist on creating leaders to oust governments. But the heads of the White House’s aberration team never seem to learn and now is intending to create another Guaido, this time in Cuba.

We heard about this plan thanks to the Twitter page of the Cuban Ambassador to the United States, Jose R. Cabañas. He wrote on the social media that, “while the U.S. Administration is strengthening measures of the blockade against Cuba, the State Department has announced a program to manufacture Cuban ‘Guaidos’.  Don’t they read history?”

When it comes to Cuba it is apparent that they have either ignored it or not even looked at it and that is why the Cuban Revolution has seen 11 U.S. presidents pass by—all of them with the same idea and goal of destroying it—and certainly this one, the 45th in the history of U.S. will be number 12.

This new attempt is now public. Anyone interested on knowing the truth just has to enter the following URL on your browser:

There you will find, “The United States Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (WHA) has announced a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to support emerging individual Cuban leaders, particularly within civil society.”

According to the website, the purpose of the WHA-funded emerging Cuban leaders project is to allow the participants to establish themselves in Cuba with professional resources for grassroots efforts in democracy and human rights promotion and to further open communications across the island and internationally as well. The information explains that alumni of the project will have the tools to promote causes by attracting wider audiences, communicating messages effectively to other leaders and partners, and mobilizing independent actors within civil society to promote freedom of expression and assembly.

This is the same Government that is accusing Cuba of having an army of soldiers in Venezuela and its doctors are really intelligence agents. Such a lie, which not even the CIA believes, was attempted to be the basis for sanctions against Cuba. Now, who is going to sanction the United States and its President? A plan like this new one launched by the WHA cannot only be described as interventionist but also as an open aggression against a sovereign and independent country.

Let’s read more of the description of the brainchild: “project participants will be Cuban citizens and residents who demonstrate an interest in communications, and/or other leadership roles. As emerging leaders, participants may be university students or young professionals.” And this is the icing on the top of the WHA’s cake: “The participants should demonstrate an aptitude (maturity, independence, self-reliance, etc.) for success in a project abroad. Participants must demonstrate a stated desire to return to and work in the management of independent organizations and/or activities in Cuba.”

In other words, the participants will work in Cuba at the service of a foreign government with the aim of halting the continuity of the Revolution, which is already in the hands of the new, well prepared next generation of leaders. And, in the words of Raul Castro Ruz, “the process of transfer of major responsibilities to the new generations is going well, I’d say very well, without setbacks or problems. We are sure that we will continue like this.”

Imperial alienation and cynicism has now reached its zenith as the project entails the implementation of an organization with a recruitment plan that will seek candidates representing gender, racial, socio-economic, and geographic diversity in Cuba.

For 60 years they have tried a variety of actions against this Island and they have failed precisely because that diversity they hypocritically claim, is already the national mosaic nourishing the continuity of the Revolution, presided over by its youth in universities, where they are highly prepared and are more united than ever with their Government regarding the country’s projects of development.

Here is some advice; Gentlemen of the White House and the State Department read some history. In the warmth of this island are human beings who generate their own revolution and who have melted imperialism, it will also melt your manufactured Guaidos.

Source: Granma, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau