Demonstrations in Support of Puerto Rico in the United States

By Alicia Jrapko on July 19, 2019

Oakland, CA Photo: Bill Hackwell

Thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets this week to demand the resignation of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello. The demonstrations followed the announcement that the Roselló administration had diverted millions of federal dollars from the money sent to invest in education and health. As a result of social pressure at least six former government officials and contractors have been arrested. In addition, there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that the Roselló government stole or re  allocated federal funds earmarked for Hurricane Maria relief funds while some Puerto Ricans were dying and recovery far from complete after 2 years.

The indignation grew even more when the news became public that the governor and some of his advisors through a private chat used demeaning, homophobic and sexist insults against local leaders and the Puerto Rican people in general. Among other things, Roselló and his colleagues joked as they made a mocking statement about the 4,654 lives lost during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

In support of the demonstrations taking place in Puerto Rico, others took place around the world, especially in the United States where demonstrations were held in Atlanta, Washington DC, Massachusetts, New York, and California among others.

Yesterday afternoon in the city of Oakland, a powerful rally was held where the Puerto Rican community accompanied by friends of solidarity sang songs calling for the immediate resignation of the corrupt governor.

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