Venezuelans Come Out in a Great Popular Mobilization

August 10, 2019

“Today, August 10, the victory of the peoples of the world against Donald Trump and his policy of imperialist aggression. Popular victory,” was the slogan that President Nicolás Maduro Moros launched onto the planet from the historic sector of El Calvario, in Caracas. The march was massive and was part of the world wide anti imperialist demonstrations called NO MORE TRUMP. The Caracas march revealed that as Trump tightened the sanctions into a fully fledged blockade, the resistance of the Venezuela people has become even more determined than ever.

“I come to this stage to call on the people of Venezuela to fight against Donald Trump and his aggressions… To raise the Venezuelan flags and say: Venezuela has to be respected!”

President Maduro commented that today the Venezuelan people have dignity, are spiritually, socially and militarily united, and the Bolivarian Government is politically, militarily and economically prepared to face the blockade and defeat it.

“We have been preparing ourselves militarily to defend our land and not to be afraid of any imperialist threat, wherever it comes from. Venezuela is not afraid, it wants peace, territorial integrity and we are going to have it, you can be sure of that.

The people face a blockade between anger and resistance

The President thanked the resistance shown by the people since the economic war started in 2013 and aggravated by the so-called “sanctions”. “We must ensure respect for the strength and legacy of the homeland of the liberators,” He said.

“We have to see the indignation of the people towards the speculator, who have been hiding products for months, we have to see the indignation and anger, but they have also shown tenderness because they have said: they are not going to defeat us, we are going ahead”.

He thanked the peoples of the world for the solidarity shown to Venezuela and in rejection of the imperial genocidal policies. He noted that the world day #NO MORE TRUMP (NO MAS TRUMP) will use the occasion to collect millions of signatures to take to the United Nations (UN) and act in defense of international law.

“It is a battle for the right to sovereignty, for international law, because Trump’s criminal, imperialist government consecutively violates the norms, principles and values of international law.

“He gave you, young men and women of Venezuela,  a reason to be prepared and I say we are prepared to exercise our absolute independence and defeat the gringo blockade,” he predicted.

“Today Venezuela is united by a national spirit and identity of its own. Today Venezuelans have a rebel in each one of us, today Venezuelans unlike yesterday we will not allow ourselves to be humiliated by anyone. Today we Venezuelans have dignity, as a united people.”

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation, North America bureau