Colombia: A Grim Milestone in Government Sponsored Murders

September 3, 2019

Colombia’s government is a special kind of US puppet. They are protected by the imperial media with never an article or headline about the deadly level of violence and murder taking place there against progressive candidates, social leaders or former guerilla fighters of the FARC. Imagine if anything close to this terroristic wave of killings was taking place in say Venezuela. – Editorial

In Colombia, another social leader was shot dead by armed men on Sunday, according to local reports. The victim was identified as Danilo Olaya Perdomo, a well-known social leader who served as president of the Communal Action Board of a rural area of the department of Huila. Also in Colombia, indigenous organizations denounced Monday the murder of 24-year-old social leader Iván Mejía in southern Colombia. According to the Institute for Development and Peace Studies, at least 702 social leaders and human rights defenders have been killed since 2016 in Colombia.

Source: Democracy Now