Twitter Has Suspended the Account of  Resumen Latinoamericano in English

September 19, 2019 by Resumen Editors

On September 11, the twitter account @ResumenEnglish was suspended. Despite several enquires to find out the reason for this arbitrary decision, until today we have received no response.

Coincidentally our twitter account was suspended at the same time that a great number of accounts in Cuba were shut down just before Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel was to speak on the evening news digest Mesa Rodonda (Round Table) about how to confront the fuel crisis imposed by the US blockade. This widespread denial of sending and receiving information included the accounts of all the major Cuban news outlets, radio stations, newspapers, TV, blogs and the accounts of leading journalists, analysts as well as government agencies and officials. Up to date, some of these accounts are still suspended and some of them were reinstated with only a fraction of their followers. A number of independent news outlets who are friendly with Cuba were also silenced. Twitter wants to have it both ways, on the one hand proclaiming to be the ultimate platform of freedom of speech, and on the other silencing the voices of countries and progressive media that does not agree with US foreign policy.

Resumen Latinoamericano in English has been in existence since early 2015 focusing on bringing news and analysis from writers, activists and researchers writing in Latin America about Latin America. Like others navigating in progressive journalism, we use Twitter and other social media platforms to multiply the articles we are posting.

A few days ago we opened a new twitter account @ResumenUS and we urge all of you who were following our previous account to follow the new one, and for those of you who weren’t before please do so now. We know this is part of the struggle in the battle of ideas. We cannot allow the imperialist side to be the only voice.  Truth is on our side.