Multi-state TV Network Defended from Guaido’s Threats

January 13, 2020

The threats posed by Venezuelan Deputy Juan Guaido against multi-state television network Telesur has raised countless expressions of support in the different social media.

The network’s president Patricia Villegas stated that there was lack of information in the words of the right-wing deputy; she also criticized his “threats in the social media” against the TV network even when he boasts of “defending freedom of expression.” In a tweet she went on to say that, “Guiado speaks about things he knows nothing about. His thing is the photos at the border, his thing is theatrics with photos at the border with the Rastrojos and how to jumps over the fence of the National Assembly. We will go on!” #VivateleSUR

According to the tweets posted by Guaido, he plans to create a “presidential commission” to restructure Telesur in order to serve his interests and provide a channel that helps him stay relevant. In response, Twitter users created and boosted the hashtag #VivaTelesur or #LongLiveTelesur, among them Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz Canel.

“We strongly condemn the threats against the voice and image of the people who struggle and resist the U.S. Empire’s attack,” said the Cuban President.

Intellectuals, Latin American referents, and journalists also expressed their contempt to the Venezuelan deputy’s threats.

Moreover, Venezuelan leaders and the Bolivarian Government also joined the expressions rejecting this aggression.

“Telesur represents the peoples’ voice, of those who never had a place within large communication corporations. Guaido real desires is to have a media outlet for drug smugglers, paramilitary soldiers, thieves, and criminal gangs,” said Venezuela’s Executive Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez.

Furthermore, Twitter users also highlighted the coverage done by Telesur in the different events occurred in Latin America, as well as its importance for the region.

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano, translation, North America bureau