Venezuela Denounces New Vulgar and False Attacks from the United States

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces that, at a time when humanity is facing the most ferocious of pandemics, the government of Donald Trump is once again attacking the people of Venezuela and their democratic institutions, using a new form of coup d’état based on miserable, vulgar and unfounded accusations that attempt to minimize the high level of recognition that Venezuela enjoys in the fight against drug trafficking, which has been fully demonstrated in various multilateral forums.

The policy of change of government by force in Venezuela is destined to fail. Offering rewards, in the style of the racist cowboys of the Far West, demonstrates the desperation of Washington’s supremacist elite and their obsession with Venezuela to achieve electoral gains in the state of Florida.

The deep frustration of the White House is a product of the peace that reigns today in Venezuela, whose authorities have managed to neutralize all the coup and destabilizing attempts planned and financed from the United States.

Likewise, the government of Donald Trump does not accept that, using its own, unprecedented model, the government of Nicolás Maduro is managing to adequately handle the threats of the Covid-19, in the face of the resounding failure of American institutions in this area.

It is appropriate to recall the world-renowned role played by the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela in facilitating the negotiations and the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC. Commander Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, first as Foreign Minister and then as President, were fundamental actors in the achievement of such an important agreement for Colombian society.

Ironically, it is in Colombia that the drugs that the United States allows to enter and that its population consumes disproportionately is produced. The DEA has been the key international actor in protecting the production and processing of drugs in Colombia and the guarantor and watchdog of their transfer to the brain cells of young people in the United States.

Today, through the statements of those directly responsible, we have verified the denunciations that the Bolivarian Government has made for more than two years regarding the planning of terrorist actions in Colombian territory, financed and directed from the United States, against the peace and stability of Venezuela.

This demonstrates the absolute complicity and submission to the United States of the Colombian authorities, who, by ignoring such serious allegations and disregarding the specific information provided to them in a timely manner, have lent their territory and resources to conspiracies against Venezuela, in flagrant violation of international agreements and the Charter of the United Nations itself.

The people of Venezuela and its Bolivarian Government will face with the truth all the attacks and lies coming from the main State promoting terrorism and drug trafficking in the world. Venezuela’s democratic institutions guarantee the protection of its people against any desperate action by the Government of Donald Trump.

Venezuela’s independence is consolidated in the face of every attack by the decadent and infamous US imperialism.

Source: Foreign Ministry of the Government of Bolivarian Venezuela

Caracas, March 26, 2020

Translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau