We Reject the Unfair and Unjust Condemnation and Banning of Former President Rafael Correa, in Ecuador

April 10, 2020

Statement of the Network in Defense of Humanity

The Network in Defense of Humanity rejects and categorically repudiates the recent conviction of the Ecuadorian judicial system against Rafael Correa, accused of bribery in the financing of the Alianza País party and of organizing a network of corruption. The sole objective and timing of this attack is to cover up the serious tragedy that the Ecuadorian people are experiencing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, due to the negligence of a government that is the product of an infamous betrayal and who has abandoned its people and only obeys the IMF and Washington.

The Network recognizes this prosecution and condemns it as the same spurious, unconstitutional and harmful human rights strategies that have been applied throughout Latin America against governments led by parties or leaders who oppose neoliberalism and its legal and economic control that Washington projects on the region. We have seen this happen with Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, or with the fierce persecution of Cristina Fernández in Argentina, or as is now being perpetrated against Evo Morales in Bolivia. We see in this recent condemnation of comrade Rafael Correa a new and infamous episode in the judicial network that is directed, financed and designed from the strategic power plants of the US with the aim of undermining popular leaders.

The sentence of 8 years in prison and 25 years of political disqualification for Correa, coming from a bought and paid for illegitimate Judiciary under a corrupt and submissive government like that of President Lenín Moreno, can only arouse the most absolute condemnation and active denunciation.

As it happened in Brazil and Argentina, due process is once again being trampled on, this time in Ecuador. Justice has been misappropriated for the sole benefit of political strategies aimed at returning Ecuador to its former status as an economically subjugated nation and mere pawn on Washington’s imperial chessboard. This judicial ruling undoubtedly benefits the powerful financial and productive oligarchies, which slavishly responds to its narrow interests and foreign strategies.

For this and many other reasons, the Network warns that just as Cristina Fernandez has been able to overcome the test of her own judicial persecution and return to government through respect for democratic instruments and thanks to the love of her people, so too the current Ecuadorian Government must know that its cycle is finite and that popular forces will return sooner rather than later to direct the destinies of the sister Republic of Ecuador. The current judges, politicians and media conglomerates who are allies in this unjust and unconstitutional maneuver will have to answer for their crimes and harassments outside of all legality. They are protected only by a transitory power that is exercising despotism and treachery against Ecuadorian society, including its former president, Rafael Correa. The Network in Defense of Humanity expresses its unrestricted support to comrade Correa, as well as to all the persecuted political leaders, and encourages them to continue their struggle, which is that of all of Our America.

Network in Defense of Humanity

Friday, April 10, 2020.