A Black Prince Rose for George Floyd

By Nancy Morejón

Though he wanted to throw you in the Mississippi,

the cannibal in the murky uniform

with his knee has scorched into silence

your motionless throat.

The smoke of your flesh ascends to a wet heaven.

Hopping among the flowers, your breath

chases his ghost and manages to bite

the bloody fang of the cannibal.

But you inspire, indomitable, lying on the wet asphalt,

under the quiet shade of an apple tree

in Minneapolis,

where we will place, for you,

this shinning, clean

Black Prince Rose of ours,

to your memory. 


Cerro, June 4, 2020

Nancy Morejon is an award-winning Cuban poet, critic and essayist who lives in Havana.

Translation: Ana Elena de Arazoza