Greetings from the Network in Defense of Humanity on the Day of Women of African Descent

July 25, 2020

Photo: Bill Hackwell

The feminist collective “Libertadoras” of the Network in Defense of Humanity salutes this day of struggle that since that Dominican summer of 1992 has been recognized as the day of the Afro-Latin American and Caribbean woman.

Every July 25th it should be highlighted, made more visible especially these oppressions within oppressions, denounced more and more strongly, as a way to expose these situations of inequality and vulnerability that continue to be lived.

Reality has shown us that ethnicity and gender are intertwined and overlapping, making capitalist exploitation harder and more inhumane. But it also shows that Afro-Latin American and Caribbean women who were outstanding participants in our first independence, are today as in the past, rising up all over the continent and beginning to build a new homeland that includes them.

Silent builders of the great fatherland, Liberators like the Cuban Marianas or the Artigas’ Lanceras in the South, or Brazilian Marielle Franco who on the 27th of this month would have turned 41, but fascism did not allow her.

Stand up and unite we will win!

Network in Defense of Humanity