Venezuelan Opposition Parties Received Money Stolen from Citgo for Terrorist Acts

By Larry Márquez on October 29, 2020

At least four opposition parties and a fifth of regional character, received money stolen from Venezuela’s oil refinery Citgo to perpetrate terrorist acts in the face of the elections on December 6 of this year, according to Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, who named Popular Will, Justice First, A New Era and Democratic Action as the perpetrators.

He explained that the detention of the deputy of the extremist party, Voluntad Popular, Roland Carreño, is linked to the financing that they received every 6 months from the Simón Bolívar Foundation of Citgo, which in the past had been used for the purchasing of medical aid, but wannabe Juan Guaidó confiscated it with the help of the government of Donald Trump. The prosecutor said that they were looking to use the money for terrorist acts that would disrupt the coming up parliamentary elections.

The head of the Public Ministry recalled that on October 26, Roland Carreño was captured carrying in his vehicle a suit case in Valle Abajo, Caracas, which had an AM-15 rifle, 12 thousand dollars in cash and documents with lists of contacts and routes to Colombia, an action that was carried out with officials attached to the Bolivarian National Police Corps (CPNB).

He indicated that he was betrayed by a person close to him, who revealed what Carreño would do on the mentioned day. When asked about the suitcase and its contents, Roland Carreño stated that it was his property and that the citizen accompanying him was only a driver hired to drive his vehicle.

Saab specified that Carreño was detained at the headquarters of the GNP and charged with three crimes including financing of terrorism; conspiracy against political law and illicit trafficking of weapons of war, all covered in Venezuelan criminal law.

He commented that after the search of his home, with the presence of a prosecutor from the MP, and the emptying of his phone, it was possible to learn that this political leader is the main financial operator of Voluntad Popular in the country.

“We know that Voluntad Popular is a violent group without scruples to finance covert operations, Saab explained. He also detailed one of the documents found about the distribution among 4 political parties of a figure of 8.5 million dollars that came from the Simon Bolivar Foundation of Citgo.

He highlighted that $733,000 have been given to Voluntad Popular, Primero Justicia, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Acción Democrática and a fifth party with regional strength.

On the other hand, he said that another $15,000 dollars have been given to each of the national coordinators of these parties, among other deliveries.

Source: Ultimas Noticias, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau