Hasta Siempre Dear Rosa

By Graciela Ramirez on January 10, 2021, in Havana Cuba

Photo: Bill Hackwell

On the morning of January 10, Rosa Aurora Freijanes Coca, whom we admire so much and will never forget, left us.

This great woman of small appearance with very clear eyes, the color of the sky, taught us how much strength a human being can have when he is able to bear the pains of the body and the pains of the soul.

The circumstances through which she passed her life prevented her from having children, but she loved her own blood nephews and the children of her sisters of cause Olga Salanueva, Elizabeth Palmeiro, and Adriana Pérez.

Day after day through those long years, she tirelessly denounced the terrorism against Cuba and demanded the freedom of the Five. She did not seek the spotlight but when called upon Rosa Aurora spoke from conviction and moved us to tears when she defended the Revolution from any platform because she did so from her Fidelista view of the world along her intelligence, conscience, dignity, and extraordinary heart.

She embraced all our liberation causes, earning the affection and respect of friends from all over the world. That is why, on this sad Sunday afternoon, condolences are pouring in from the United States, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Germany, France, Greece, Belgium, Lebanon, Venezuela, and Palestine to honor the life of this dear sister with condolences to her family.

We will miss her and always remember her for what she was: an extraordinary human being who loved the poetry of Mario Benedetti, knew all Silvio’s songs by heart, and was moved to tears every time she heard Vicente Feliú’s Créeme.

To this Rose of ours, of everyone’s, who gave a lesson in love and life.