Insurrection or Coup? USA in Front of its Mirror

By Stella Calloni on January 8, 2021

The first records determined that the trend, in a very complex framework, favored his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, who ended up prevailing and being recognized by most governments in the world.

Even though Biden’s victory was officially recognized after a number of threatening attempts by Donald Trump, including ‘armed resistance’ expressed in various states of that country, he continued in the same position, denouncing a fraud.

The Republicans meanwhile were divided by the attitudes of the fundamentalist sectors of today’s so-called ‘Trumpism’.

What the US right-wing extremist or “fascist” groups did on January 6, to take over the Capitol in order to prevent the Senate from remaining as it should be in these circumstances, with a democratic majority, was an attempt of a coup d’état, an “insurrection” and with evident support of police forces and security sectors.

Even withdrawing from the scene, which Trump and especially his advisers, who are more inclined to terrorism than to peace or respect for the will of the people, were able to do, is to impose a message symbolized by the appearance of armed snipers on the Capitol, who had long been preparing, encouraged by the primitive fascist discourse of the outgoing president.

Nothing will be the same after these episodes and until January 20, the day Trump has to hand over the government, there will be anxiety both in the U.S. and in the world. If they were able to enter the Capitol, openly, leaving injured and wounded without anyone doing anything, what can they not invent in the days to come?

Didn’t Marcos Rubio, the Republican representative for Florida, and Trump’s favorite advisor for our region call the police to defend the attackers on the Capitol and the fight against Biden’s fraud?

Rubio and the group accompanying him have taken action against all our popular governments, in addition to permanently protecting terrorism against Cuba and personally accompanying the ghostly ‘president’ of Venezuela Juan Guaidó in his attempt to penetrate Cúcuta, Colombia, to Venezuela in another of his attempts at a coup against that country or an invasion by setting up a noisy stage to supposedly bring ‘humanitarian aid’ to the ‘Venezuelan people’.

What they brought were weapons, fire, coups and violence in a crude imitation of the famous Trojan horse.

The truth is that nothing will be the same and a very complex moment is beginning in the framework of a strong decay of the empire whose power is weakening in the world.

The tragedy of the pandemic and its consequences and the stark emergence of a very active residual fascism in that country will soon make people talk.

False Democracies

In fact, everything that has happened highlights the falsity of the system that is supposed to be an ‘example of democracy’, when the popular decision was shipwrecked in the Electoral College, turning the US elections into a farce. Without taking a position in favor of anyone, we can remember that Hillary Clinton had three million votes more than Trump, but it was Trump who won the elections.

In this case, Biden beat Trump by seven million votes, but also in the vote of the electors in even the most difficult states.

There is something else to note. The events that took place during the major demonstrations of the most hard-hit sectors of the population, such as African Americans, Latinos and a number of white young people, who transformed the protest against the death of a black citizen at the hands of the police (in a torture and public execution, a crime that the world witnessed in horror when a uniformed man put his knee into his neck until he suffocated) into movements similar to those against the US war in Vietnam.

Remember that the protests in the 70s against the Vietnam War, when the horrors committed by the US military in that Asian country were known, meant the enormous moral defeat of Washington, added to the military defeat at the hands of the heroic resistance struggle of the Vietnamese people. Since that time the world had not seen as many mobilizations in the US as it did in 2020 against racism under the Trump government.

Trump turned the United States into a virtual ‘banana republic’ from the moment he lost the elections on the grounds of electoral fraud, in an obvious strategy of campaigning from the gutter under the advice of the ultra-right-wing, fundamentalist and mafia groups that surround him.

The strategy that he used in several elections in Latin America, where US propaganda announced fraud to raise doubts, anticipating the results in support of his ‘favorites’ as happened in Bolivia in October 2019, when Washington, the Organization of American States, the chain of media controlled and financed by the hegemonic power accused President Evo Morales of preparing fraudulent elections.

In fact, they were preparing the fraud with their local partners, the Bolivian fascist ultra-right, and with the open and definite participation of the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, who led the coup d’état. The response of the Bolivian people in 2020 meant another huge moral defeat for the empire.

What will the people of the United States and their best leaders do now that those terrorist wars, permanently applied, have reached their Capitol, exposing the false democracy in which their country is living, a tragedy shown in all its intensity with the consequences of the pandemic, ignored by Trump?

No one can ignore that in the United States today there are armed paramilitaries, as we saw acting alongside police in anti-racism demonstrations. It is a divided country, where there are dangers of false flag attacks, for which its special forces are well prepared.

The flags of the Confederates among those who on January 6 evicted the Senate. This is another message. We must look at all the details, so that the tree does not cover the forest.

Source: Club Argentina de Periodistas Amigos de Cuba, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau