Runaway Terrorists

By Atilio A. Boron on January 12, 2021

Cubans are 83 times more protected from Covid than the US. Photo: Ismael Batista Ramirez, Granma

In an act that reflects his desperation at the unprecedented scandal unleashed by the assault on the Capitol instigated and supported by Donald Trump, his Secretary of State, Mike “Al Capone” Pompeo, announced yesterday that Cuba was once again included on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

The gang of gangsters who will govern the United States until January 20 maintain that this decision is based on the fact that Cuba is a “State Sponsor of Terrorism for repeatedly supporting acts of international terrorism by providing safe haven to terrorists. “

The official State Department resolution further states that “the Castro regime must end its support of international terrorism and subversion of American justice”. Cuba was first added to this list during the Ronald Reagan administration in 1982, but in 2015, close to the end of his mandate, Barack Obama removed it from the list.

Now the most gangster-like government in US history has included Cuba again, accusing the island among other things, of “hosting the peace talks between the ELN guerrillas and the Colombian government in 2017”. Nothing less than that: promoting peace between warring sides! But let’s continue: he also claims that Havana has given refuge to “several US fugitives from justice sought or convicted on charges of political violence”, including the author of the crime against a policeman in New Jersey in 1973, another who took the lives of eight people in the US Virgin Islands in 1972 and a third, who killed another agent in New Mexico in 1971, among others. “

The justification for this new aggression against the worthy Cuban government is derisory-a buffoonery proper to rascals like Capone and his boss who should shame the people of the United States and their jurists-if it were not for the damage that such a decision inflicts on the island’s people. What the rustic rulers of the United States do not know is that, in the event that these accusations are true, the statute of limitations has long since expired, the evidence has been thrown out, victims and perpetrators have most likely died and other such trifles.

There is no known country in which such crimes are not subject to a statute of limitations after 15 or 20 years, except, of course, for crimes against humanity which are not subject to a statute of limitations. But these are not covered by the State Department’s indictment. Therefore, they are ignorant and ridiculous in their accusation.

Blood is boiling in the face of the arrogance and cynicism of the US government’s statement, whose terrorist actions against Cuba caused the death of 3,478 Cubans and serious and irreparable injuries to another 2,099.

The country that perpetrated the two biggest terrorist attacks in the history of mankind, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, feels it has the moral and legal authority to accuse third countries of being terrorists.

But why do they do it, why now do they decide to include Cuba in that list? Answer: because the thugs who live in and around the White House are still being held up by Cuba’s heroic resistance – which they intended to bring to its knees with their “regime change” policies and their endless array of sanctions and aggressions – demonstrating to the world a moral and political superiority that makes their aggressors mad. Because in the midst of a ferocious pandemic, the small country that has been attacked has shown that it takes much better care of its citizens than the big, brainless man who attacks it without respite.

While in the United States the mortality rate due to Covid-19 is currently 1,172 deaths per million inhabitants in the harassed and blockaded Cuba is 14 per million. The political arithmetic is strict: Cuba is 83 times fairer, more ethical, and more democratic than the United States. And to the thugs in Washington, this is absolutely intolerable; it turns their insides on and drives them to do anything. Like condemning nothing less than Cuba as a sanctuary for terrorists. And they do so blinded by rage, by the gush of things, while rushing into the sewers of contemporary history.