Cuba and the Human Rights Report

By Jose Pertierra on April 1, 2021

Dignified Cuba stands against the slander. Photo: Bill Hackwell

Anthony Blinken, President Biden’s secretary of state, released on March 30 a report on the human rights situation during the year 2020 in every country in the world, except (of course) the United States

The report was prepared by the Trump regime and led by his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. I wonder why Blinken and Biden decided to publish a report on human rights written by a neo-fascist and lying government? Is it because they are more alike than they pretend to be? That they both share the arrogance of a country that thinks it is “exceptional”? That they both assume to be the police of the planet?

The chapter on Cuba is full of lies and slander. The State Department does not cite the sources it used to write the report. But the accusations seem to be taken from the pages of the rags that the United States itself finances with millions of dollars a year to try to bring about regime change in Cuba.

It accuses Cuba of torturing its prisoners, without any proof. But Blinken ignores the voluminous evidence from reliable sources that the victims of torture in Cuba are at the US military base in Guantanamo.

It does not mention Washington’s blockade against Cuba. A blockade whose main purpose is to cause suffering and starvation on the island so that Cubans will rebel against the Revolution.

With what morals does the United States dare to lecture the planet about human rights? What rights do African Americans have in their own country? Indigenous people? Latinos? Immigrants? The poor?

How dare they publish a human rights report that was written by a regime responsible for the needless deaths by COVID of hundreds of thousands of Americans? Hundreds of thousands who died, because Trump incessantly mocked those who wear masks. Wouldn’t it be considered a gross violation of human rights to lie, as Trump did, to the people about the real danger of the coronavirus?

Is it not a violation of human rights to invest millions of dollars to subvert a sovereign country like Cuba?

When will the United States learn the lesson that Benito Juarez left us?

“The respect for the rights of others is peace”.

Source: Cuba en Resumen, translation, Resumen-English