Pedro Castillo, photo: Aldair Mejia, La Republica

Mountains of my Peru, Peru at the foot of the world, I adhere to it! – Cesar Vallejo

In view of the upcoming presidential elections in Peru to be held on June 6 of this year, the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity celebrates the democratic process that our Peruvian brothers and sisters will lead, and at the same time we call on the institutions to respect the results of the elections and the expression of the will of the people.

On the eve of celebrating the bicentenary of its independence, noting the resounding failure of the neoliberal economic model promoted in Peru since the 90’s by Fujimorism and subsequent governments to date. Moreover it is a model that the pandemic has exposed in all of its tragic and painful social panorama, especially for the popular classes. It comes in a context in which Our America lives high hours of struggle in which our peoples have recovered a historical protagonist to forge their own destiny. The Network in Defense of Humanity is in solidarity with the political proposals that Professor Pedro Castillo Terrones, who we know, is being supported by all the bloods, by all the homelands, that inspired the beloved Peruvian writer José María Arguedas.

The Peruvian people have at this moment a historic opportunity to initiate a profound change in the economic and social structures of Peru, with the implementation of a democratic political project, sensitive to the urgent needs of the most economically depressed sectors that urgently require a better standard of living.

This Sunday, June 6, we predict a resounding victory for the Peruvian people with whom we listen to the Vallejian voice: The day is coming… Hasta la victoria siempre!

Our America, June 3, 2021

Executive Secretary of In Defense of Humanity