Nicaragua: Demonizing Ortega and Sending in the Marines

By Miguel Angel Ferrer on September 18, 2021

photo: Netfa Freeman

The United States maintains severe economic, trade and financial sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and Nicaragua. Previously it did so against Iraq, Libya and Syria. These fierce aggressions are fundamentally aimed at achieving regime change in those nations. Or, to put it more bluntly, the overthrow of those governments.

As is well known, along with the sanctions, an international campaign is launched to demonize the rulers and leaders of those countries. This is what happened with Salvador Allende in Chile and with Manuel Antonio Noriega in Panama.

And the same happened with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Slovodan Milosevic in the former Yugoslavia. And once the United States considers the campaign to demonize these leaders and countries to be ripe, it proceeds to a coup d’état, as in Chile, or to a military invasion, after massive bombings of the civilian population and of open cities to soften the expected or possible resistance, as in Yugoslavia.

In Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and Nicaragua the process of regime change has remained in the stage of demonization of the leaders or in the attempts of coup or armed invasion. But carrying out the latter two options depends on the success or failure of the demonization of the leader.

Right now we are witnessing the attempted regime change in Nicaragua. All the media batteries of imperialism and its European and Latin American vassals are acting for that purpose. The slogan is “hard and to the head”.

If the demonization of Daniel Ortega succeeds, the next step would be a coup d’état or the invasion of the Marines. But as things look right now, there is no real chance of a successful coup, for the simple reason that the Sandinista army is revolutionary and with Ortega. And as for the military invasion, there is no chance of that either.

As everything in politics, the campaigns to demonize the leader have an expiration date. If they do not succeed in a certain period of time, they begin to vanish into thin air. Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Syria are good examples.

So imperialism, the Nicaraguan right wing and the European and Latin American right wing, some of them disguised as leftists, are running out of time.

Source: Telesur, translation Resumen Latino Americano – English