Nicaragua: Troy Will not Fall this Time – part 2

By Marcos Maranges on November 25, 2021

After Nicaragua announced it had just started the process to leave the Organization of American States (OAS), the world began debating the reasons and the consequences of this decision. (more…)

Nicaragua: Troy will not Fall this Time

By Marcos Maranges on November 23, 2021

On November 19th, Nicaragua’s Foreign Affairs Minister Dennis Moncada announced to the international community his country’s irrevocable decision to leave the Organization of American States (OAS). The news was a surprise for many people, but the announcement did not come out of nowhere. (more…)

Venezuela: The Dictatorship of Democracy

By Marcos Maranges on November 18, 2021

US demonstration in support of Bolivarian Venezuela. photo: Bill Hackwell

On this coming Sunday November 21, Venezuela will go to regional and local elections to vote for over 3000 public officials. However, some governments and people still think that the country is a dictatorship ruled by President Nicolas Maduro. (more…)

Cuba between Two Realities: What Happened and Did Not Happen On 15N

By Alejandra Garcia and Marcos Maranges on November 16, 2021 from Havana

Cubans rally in support of their revolution on 15N. photo: Jose Manuel Correa

Cuba dawned yesterday full of images that we had missed seeing for a very long time. Thousands of children between five and nine years old returned to the classrooms in a feast of colors. Reporters on the island took the opportunity to immortalize this long-awaited day since COVID-19 forced the closure of the country’s schools to avoid contagions. (more…)

Peru: Can a Nation Be Rebuilt in 100 Days? 

By Marcos Maranges on November 11, 2021

Photo: Agencia Andina

Yesterday Peru’s President Pedro Castillo addressed the nation to talk about his government’s achievements during the first one hundred days of his presidency. It was a good speech, full of new and ongoing actions to improve the living conditions of a large part of the Peruvian people; (more…)

Sebastian Piñera’s Violent and Fraudulent Goodbye to the Chilean Presidency

By Marcos Maranges on November 9, 2021

The lower chamber of the Chilean parliament just passed a resolution to impeach President Sebastian Piñera due to his involvement in the global corruption scandal of Pandora Papers. (more…)

Latin America in the Light and Shadows at the Climate Summits

By Marcos Maranges on November 4, 2021

photo: Ricky Wilson

During the past weeks, Latin America has been involved in two critically important events on the global stage: the G-20 Summit in Rome, Italy, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow Scotland which is still underway. (more…)

Cuba: The November 15th March, Homemade or Imported?

By Marcos Maranges on October 31, 2021, from Havana

Havana Libre, photo: Ismael Francisco

One of the most popular issues in Cuba right now is the so called November 15th march. However, not everything seems to be exactly clear about it. First of all who are the ones organizing it? And what are their told and real objectives? (more…)

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