Only Socialism Saves!

By Carlos Luque on April 6, 2020

If we look at the painful world scene as this pandemic is claiming thousands of lives; leaving unburied corpses out in the open, with no space in funeral homes and private cemeteries; (more…)

The End of the American Empire

By Pasqualina Curcio Curcio on April 6, 2020

Photo: Bill Hackwell

It is not only a serious economic crisis that the United States is currently experiencing but also a profound humanitarian crisis that its people have been suffering for decades. (more…)

In Response to President Maduro’s Letter to the People of the United States

The Network in Defense of Humanity – US Chapter expresses our heartfelt solidarity with the people of Venezuela and its only legitimate President Nicolas Maduro Moros in this hour of danger. (more…)

Nicaragua and COVID-19 – Western Media’s Best Kept Secret

By Jorge Capelán on April 6, 2020

Health promoters go house to house to educate about COVID-19 symptoms (Photo El 19 Digital)

One of the best-hidden secrets amidst the cacophony of panic and media terrorism caused by the current COVID-2019 pandemic has been how successfully Nicaragua, a small, (more…)

Rafael Correa Expresses His Profound Sorrow at the COVID-19 Devastation in Ecuador

April 6, 2020

Coincidently the day after this article came out former President Correa and his Vice President Jorge Glas were sentenced in absentia by the Ecuador’s National Court of (more…)

Adolf Trump Goes for Venezuela; A Jump into Nothingness?

By Stella Calloni on April 4, 2020

In the midst of a desolate scenario, when the United States has become the country with the highest number those infected by the corona virus, President Donald Trump and (more…)

Letter from Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to the American people

Caracas, April 3, 2020

To the People of the United States of America:

For weeks now the world has stood still trying to control a pandemic that without any doubt is the greatest challenge we have faced together as a society and as an international (more…)

Ecuador: Lenin Moreno Hides the Number of Covid -19 Deaths

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on April 5, 2020

Photo: Jimmy Negrete

We are hearing frightening news from Covid-19 out of Ecuador, mainly from Guayaquil, Guayas province, on the Pacific, the country’s second city and an important commercial and (more…)

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