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Why the Canadian Government is Confronting Venezuela

By Arnold August on July 16, 2019

Many Canadian companies are seeking legal action after their projects were nationalized

Since the attempted U.S. coup against Venezuela on January 23, backed by the Lima Group of which the Justin Trudeau government is an active member, (more…)

Bachelet and Almagro: Soulmates

By Angel Guerra Cabrera on July 17, 2019

Michelle Bachelet’s report on human rights in Venezuela has all of the requirements to have an outstanding place in a universal encyclopedia of infamy. (more…)

Live from Nicaragua: Uprising or Coup?

By Roger Stoll on July 17, 2019

Live from Nicaragua: Uprising or Coup? A Reader is a thoughtful, multifaceted collection of essays, eyewitness accounts, interviews and news clips of last year’s US-backed regime-change war (more…)

Argentina Launches Military Conscription By Another Name

By Stella Calloni on July 16, 2019

Amidst the presidential campaign, Argentinean President Mauricio Macri has decided to establish a Voluntary Civic Service under the aegis of the Security Ministry (more…)

Mexico’s Far Right Tries Soft Coup against AMLO

By Arturo Sanchez Jimenez on July 15, 2019

The far right is planning a soft coup or silent coup against Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), according to an investigation carried out by (more…)

Colombia:  The Invisible Genocide

By María Fernanda Barreto on July 16, 2019

In the streets of some Colombian cities, and as it is in the news, the war looks distant. Everyday life seems to be immersed in the official history and there are even (more…)

Robbery Exposes Guaido’s Party for its Paramilitary Vocation

July 14, 2019

Jorge Rodríguez

Showing the true character of the type of people Guaido has around him, after the coup failed his body guards decided at least they could make some money by (more…)

Latin America and the U.S. Occupation

By Marcelo Colussi on July 13, 2019

Throughout the countries of this great geographic area of Latin America, even since its native aristocracies were born, the project of nation building was always weak. (more…)

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