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Fidel and Peace

By Katiuska Blanco on August 10, 2020

Photo: Bill Hackwell

We run this article in honor of Fidel on what would have been his 94th birthday. Just how revolutionary, profound and (more…)

AFRICOM Crying Russia in Libya: A Pot and Kettle Syndrome

By Netfa Freeman on August 5, 2020

The US waged unprovoked war against Libya and has militarily occupied Africa, but is still singing its old song that Russia (more…)

Uruguay: “The Pandemic is Misery for those who were already Poor and more Wealth for those who were already Rich”

By Carlos Aznárez y María Torrellas on August 6, 2020

Talking to Jorge Zabalza serves to renew the idea that all those who are fighting in different parts of the Third World are not (more…)

US: Crimes against Humanity at Home and Abroad

By Bill Hackwell and Alicia Jrapko on August 9, 2020

Photo: Albert Eisenstaedt

This month marks the second year since former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced to the world a campaign (more…)

Unusual and Extraordinary History

By Raúl Cazal on August 8, 2020

Photo: Mission Local

History for some of us seems to be an affair of the past.  Barack Obama, in the Sixth Summit of the Américas, said about (more…)

Eyewitness Beirut: “The Explosion Was an Accident Caused by Negligent Governments”

By Carlos Aznárez on August 5, 2020.

After the first news and the stupor generated by the violent explosions in the port of Lebanon, all kinds of rumors (more…)

The US Counts on the Pandemic and on Increasing Aggression against Cuba

By Carlos Fernández de Cossío on August 5 2020

The US finds itself the epicenter of the pandemic. Photo: Europa Press

The decisive choice of the U.S. government regarding Cuba, in the setting of the COVID pandemic, was (more…)

Hiroshima as a Spectacle of Genocide

By Telma Luzzani on August 6, 2020

The picture of a man, with his back turned, watching the devastation, scared.  Stone over stone, he sees only (more…)

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