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US Declares Vaccine War on the World

By Prabir Purkayastha on May 24, 2020

US President Donald Trump launched a new vaccine war this week, but not against the virus. It was against the world. The US and UK were the only two hold-outs in the World Health (more…)

Iranian Boats Attend James Monroe’s Wake

By Raúl Antonio Capote on May 23, 2020

The first of the five Iranian oil tankers has just arrived at the El Palito refinery in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo. The ship named The Fortune entered Venezuelan waters Saturday (more…)

Venezuela: Chavismo and Coronavirus

By Katu Akonada on May 23, 2020

Cuban and Venezuelan doctors check for Covid-19

Venezuela resists. It resists not only the attacks and threats of imperialism, which have currently become even worse in the face of the South-South solidarity of Venezuela and Iran. It also resists the coronavirus. (more…)

Reaction and Revolution in Latin America: the Venezuelan Civilian-Military Union

By Arnold August on May 22, 2020

The Venezuelan people are prepared to defend their country. Photo: Sputnik

In October 2019, when a wave of protest swept over Chile, President Sebastián Piñera called out the army, invoking the “state of emergency” clause of the Constitution. The image of soldiers in the streets and the (more…)

Return to Normality?

By Atilio Boron on May 20, 2020

Chinese doctors wave goodbye to their COVID patients

The cruel pandemic that is battering humankind has evoked reactions of all kinds.  A few see it as the cruel but fertile epiphany of a better and more fortunate world that will sprout (more…)

Twenty Days of Complicit Silence

By Raúl Antonio Capote on May 21, 2020

Photo: Juvenal Balán

Twenty days since the terrorist attack on Cuba’s embassy in Washington, neither the event itself, nor repeated demands for official information by our government, seem to be of importance to (more…)

Symbolic Violence in Anti-Cuba Politics

By Omar Olazabal Rodriguez on May 20, 2020

I have found no other way to define the current permanent attacks against our reality and our people than to turn to Pierre Bourdieu and his concept of ‘symbolic violence’. The famous (more…)

Memories of U.S. Terrorism against Cuba

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on May 21, 2020

The murder of Felix Garcia

Cuban State Security has documented 581 acts of aggression in 41 countries against the island’s diplomatic personnel and buildings abroad. Here I am talking specifically about two (more…)

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