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NATO’s Tentacles from Europe to Latin America

By  Geraldina Colotti on January 19, 2022

Colombian President Duque welcomes in NATO

International analysts are often, and understandably, asked whether there will be a change in U.S. foreign policy depending on whether a Republican or Democratic president rules the White House. Since, for a Marxist, it is always a good idea to flee from Manichaeism and look at the concrete situation in its historically determined class relations, to point out that, at the international level, the essence of U.S. foreign policy presents no discontinuities, it is not an ideological position-taking. (more…)

The Fight against Covid -19: the Example of  Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua

By Fernando Bossi Rojas on January 20, 2022

Cuba vaccine Abdala, photo: Juan Pablo Carreras Vidal

When reviewing various balance reports for the year 2021 – a year in which the impact of the pandemic continued to be, by far, the most relevant issue – it is striking to see how the achievements of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua in the fight against Covid-19 are ignored. Not only is this information omitted from the right-wing media, which is logical, but also from the supposedly progressive media. (more…)

Bolivia and Chile: What Will Become of Bilateral Ties When Gabriel Boric Becomes President?

By Sebastián Ochoa on January 19, 2022.

Bolivia to the Sea

Two months before Gabriel Boric assumes the Chilean presidency, what can be expected in Bolivia? ‘Sputnik’ consulted two analysts about the future of bilateral relations, battered since the War of the Pacific (1879-1884). In Bolivia they are waiting for March 11, when Gabriel Boric will assume the presidency of Chile, with the expectation of improving relations between the two countries that have not had ambassadors since 1884, the year of the end of the War of the Pacific. (more…)

The Next Cuba Will Not be Colonized

By Pedro Jorge Velázquez on January 18, 2022

photo: Bill Hackwell

There are failures that I guess you get a taste for, or how can it be possible for the defeated to regenerate into new forms of failure? Are they guided by that feeling that someday it will work out, after trying so hard? (more…)

The Millions of US Dollars to Destabilize Cuba

January 18, 2022

image: Lacoste

Republican President Ronald Reagan created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in 1983,  which along with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has functioned as an economic arm of the United States government’s interventionist policies, financing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations disguised with names citing very laudable values like democracy and freedom, which in fact seek to change governments that do not subordinate themselves to Washington’s policies. (more…)

Guantanamo, the Illegal Pretext to Hold Prisoners of War

By Alejandra Garcia on January 18, 2022

Guantanamo, photo: Bill Hackwell

“The United States is violating the law by maintaining the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba as a prison, where most of the inmates are being held without criminal charges,” said attorney Thomas B. Wilner categorically during a conversation with this reporter via video call. (more…)

Be Alert Our America!

By José (Papo) Coss on January 12, 2022

MST school in Brazil, photo: Bill Hackwell

In the last decades, progressive social and political movements have successfully made inroads in the electoral activity of our continent, with its ups and downs. However, we cannot let our guard down, given our impressive advances of the last four years. (more…)

10 Reasons Why Almagro Has to Go

By Leonardo Flores on January 14, 2022

Luis Almagro photo:Alamy News

The Organization of American States (OAS) has never been a friend to the peoples of the Americas. This institution, ostensibly a space for multilateralism, has instead always been a tool for the U.S. Department of State. As Fidel Castro said in 1962, it is nothing but the U.S. Ministry of Colonies. That is truer now than ever before under the leadership of Secretary General Luis Almagro, who has been at the helm since March 2015. He is quite possibly the worst leader since the OAS was founded in 1948. (more…)

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