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This is a War against the Honduran People

By Zoe PC on May 14, 2019

Honduran Police

Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández announced on May 6 that the country had arrived at an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (more…)

Venezuela Denounces Siege to its US Embassy in Violation of the Vienna Convention

By Anthony Brenner on May 16, 2019

Samuel Moncada

The ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations ( UN ), Samuel Moncada, denounced on Wednesday from the headquarters of the agency in New York, (more…)

Attorney Stops Federal Raid Attempt on Venezuelan Embassy

By John Zangas|Published May 14, 2019

Washington, DC–On Monday night Secret Service, DC Police, and State Department agents attempted a coordinated raid on the Embassy of Venezuela (more…)

Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective Statement

May 13, 2019

The Embassy Protection Collective is a group of activists and journalists living in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, (more…)

The Present-Day Situation in Venezuela Through the Voice of the Peasants

May 10, 2019

Last month, WhyHunger interviewed Kevin Rangel from the National Peasant Front Ezequiel Zamora, (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day to those Struggling to Raise Families while Living in Poverty, under Sanctions and War

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Happy Mother’s Day; this is an important day when we stop to think of our own mothers and appreciate all their sacrifices and love. (more…)

Stop Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Support Leonard Peltier

Photo: Anne Pruden

On April 28, Lenny Foster, a longtime American Indian Movement activist and former director of the Navajo Nation Corrections Project, spoke on “Native American Issues and Leonard Peltier” at The People’s Forum. (more…)

The Helms-Burton is not Applicable in Cuba

Photo: Bill Hackwell

“The Helms-Burton Act is not applicable in Cuba; in the first place, because it is a law of the United States and therefore its jurisdiction, its range of action, (more…)

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