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Venezuelan National Assembly Vice-President Released amidst Peace Talks

By Marco Teruggi on September 19, 2019

Congressman Edgar Zambrano of Democratic Action was released.

Venezuela’s Government and a section of the opposition signed a five-point agreement and set up a new round of national peace talks. (more…)

21st Century Pirates

By Randy Alonso Falcon on September 18, 2019

The Pirates of the Empire, Illustration: Diego Rafael Albornoz

The main characters of the American administration are acting as modern day Pirates of the Caribbean. They wield the sabre to frighten, or they buy wills with money. (more…)

Uribe, Guaido and Narco Terrorism

By Angel Guerra Cabrera on September 18, 2019

The pictures released by the Venezuelan Government showing self-proclaimed Juan Guaido in a friendly relaxed pose with leaders of the Colombian narco-paramilitary, multi-homicidal group (more…)

A Hundred Minutes in Jail with Lula

By Ignacio Ramonet on September 13, 2019

Ignacio Ramonet and Lula

The former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, imprisoned in the city of Curitiba, in the south of the country, is only allowed two visits per week. (more…)

Haiti Crisis Worsened by Shortages and Corruption

By Lautaro Rivara on September 16, 2019

Haitians wait for gasoline to arrive.

Haiti is heating up again due to claims of institutionalized corruption, nonstop combustible shortages and rumors of a possible increase in fuel prices which would directly impact the costs of transportation and food. (more…)

What’s Going on in Cuba that the World Shouldn’t Know About.

By Iroel Sanchez on September 17, 2019

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Since March 2013, the media machine that works like Macbeth’s witches, manufacturing prophecies that must be self-fulfilling, began to work to turn the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez (more…)

Inclusion, Transparency Strengthens New Political Coexistence Agreement in Venezuela

September 16, 2019

On Monday the Venezuelan Government signed an agreement with representatives of the opposition to resume national peace talks and undertake concrete steps within a stable climate, (more…)

Opposition Sets Democracy on Fire in Bolivia

By Hugo Moldiz Mercado on September 15, 2019

Photo: Fernanda LaMarie

The fragmented and heterogeneous right-wing opposition bloc in Bolivia has found in its increasingly sharp and violent attack on democracy and the institutions of the Plurinational State (more…)

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