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Another Vile Lie from the United States

By Angel Guerra Cabrera on June 18, 2021

Havana, photo: Bill Hackwell

The fondness of the rulers of the United States for the use of lies to justify their actions in the world, constituting, as a general rule, flagrant violations of international law and elementary humanist principles, is well known. (more…)

Peru at the Brink of Civil War? The Uprising of the Dispossessed

By Peter Koenig on June 17, 2021

On July 28, 2021, Peru, with her 33 million inhabitants, celebrates 200 years of Independence. The People of Peru may have chosen this Bicentennial celebration, to bring about a drastic change to their foreign and national oligarchy-run country. (more…)

Nicaragua: The Schizophrenic Right and the Forgetful Empire

By Carlos Fonseca Terán, on June 16, 2021

photo: Tortilla Con Sal

Nicaragua’s sell-out right-wing of creole colonial-remnant oligarchs and subordinate classless hangers on lives in a parallel universe and they believe everyone else does too. Among its various class components, it is the oligarchy which imposes the guidance to follow, namely, what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad, what to admire and what to despise. (more…)

A Preventable Disease

By Carolina Vásquez Araya on June 15, 2021

photo: Bill Hackwell

Our societies suffer from preventable and treatable diseases. The only thing missing is medicine. (more…)

Cuba: The Courage of a People

By Carlos Aznárez, Resumen Latinoamericano on June 16, 2021

photo: Bill Hackwell

When the government of a country with the dimensions of the United States, which to all the inhabitants of the Third World represents the Empire, decides to blockade another country, as it has been doing with Cuba for 60 years, there is no doubt that what it is trying to achieve is to bring it to its knees, to corner it in such a way that it renounces its revolutionary process, to destroy it with a tsunami full force against its entire economic infrastructure. (more…)

Over 578 Thousand Cubans Have Been Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19

By Alejandra Garcia on June 15, 2021, from Havana

graphic: Osval

Cuba is once again in the news for its fight against the pandemic. This morning Cuban President Miguel Diaz- Canel released figures from the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reporting that 578,835 Cubans, from across the country, are now fully vaccinated against Covid -19 after having received all three doses of either Abdala or Soberana 2. (more…)

The G7 Promising a Vaccine Hand-out is nothing but a Hoax

By Marc Vandepitte on June 15, 2021

photo: pixabay

Hearing their pledge to donate 1 billion vaccines would almost make you believe the G7 leaders are philanthropists. First, they emptied the whole buffet and now they are giving some crumbs to the poor countries. (more…)

God Brings Them Up and the CIA Brings Them Together In Miami

By Ramón Pedregal Casanova on June 14, 2021

At the beginning of May, the Defense of Democracy in the Americas Forum was held in MIAMI-DADE, bringing together former presidents Mauricio Macri (Argentina), Andrés Pastrana (Colombia), Luis Guillermo Solís (Costa Rica), and Osvaldo Hurtado and Lenin Moreno (Ecuador), in addition to other figures of the Latin American ultra-right. (more…)

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