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The “Surprise” of Donald Trump

By Jesús Arboleya Cervera on September 17, 2020

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Every time a possible re-election of a US president approaches, the world trembles at the fear that he will invent (more…)

Guatemala: The Ideas of Jacobo Arbenz

September 16, 2020

The Guatemalan revolution had in its favor an important figure, the military and political strategist Juan Jacobo (more…)

Venezuela: Democracy versus Blockade

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on September 17, 2020

Photo: Bill Hackwell

On December 6 there will be elections in Venezuela to elect all the deputies to the National Assembly (NA), an event of (more…)

Pompeo’s Visit to Colombia to Coincide with Joint Military Exercises

September 15, 2020

Colombian AF

The Colombian Air Force (FAC) announced Tuesday that the nation will conduct a joint military exercise with U.S. (more…)

Venezuela: The 2016-2020 National Assembly – Part of the Plan

By Pasqualina Curcio on Sep 14, 2020

Photo: Tenemos Noticias

It’s hard to decide which of all the actions of the Venezuelan opposition representatives was the most shameful.  (more…)

Solidarity and Cooperation in Two Ways

By Jorge Legañoa Alonso on September 10, 2020

Since COVID-19 made headlines earlier this year and became a pandemic, two words have been repeated, again and (more…)

Bolivia: Rupture or Consolidation of the Coup?

By Katu Arkonada on September 14, 2020

MAS VP candidate, David Choquehuanca, campaigning in El Alto. Photo: Alexis Demarco/APG Noticias

The polarization between MAS and the coup plotters is sharpening, while Carlos Mesa is trying to keep a low profile that (more…)

An Immense Unconnected Group of Islands

By Fernando Buen Abad on September 11, 2020

We are an immense cluster of unconnected communication initiatives. So much damage has been done by individualism, sectarianism and isolationism… (more…)

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