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Blockades in Time of Pandemic

 By Ángel Guerra Cabrera on April 2, 2020

Photo: Ariel Lemus Alverez

In mid-March Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and his foundation, Alibaba announced that they would donate 500,000 Covid-19 rapid-detection kits and one million (more…)

Maduro in the Face of U.S. Naval Deployment: “Make no Mistake About Venezuela.”

April 2, 2020

President Nicolas Maduro warned yesterday that if the United States dares to attack Venezuela it will be defeated by the people. (more…)

Venezuela Demands Probe as Foreign Ship Enters Its Waters, Sinks Coast Guard Vessel

April 1, 2020

The Latin American nation was put on alert last month after the US Justice Department issued criminal charges against top officials, including President Nicolas Maduro, and offered millions of dollars in reward money for their arrest or prosecution over alleged drug smuggling operations. (more…)

US Blockade Prevents Medical Supplies From Reaching Cuba

April 1, 2020

Jack Ma, a Chinese entrepreneur and founder of Alibaba, allocated a donation of masks, rapid diagnostic kits, and ventilators. This aid was intended for the patients affected by COVID-19 and the medical staff on the island. (more…)

Farmworkers  Are “Essential” But Excluded, Awaiting the Virus

By David Bacon on April 1, 2020

Farmworkers harvesting lettuce in close proximity. Photo: David Bacon

In fields and rural communities across the United States the nation’s 2.5 million agricultural laborers are waiting for the shoe to drop – for the first cases of coronavirus among (more…)

Brazil and Argentina: Two Different Approaches to the Pandemic

By Ángel Guerra on March 29, 2020

The AP news agency reports that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is promoting a campaign against the coronavirus quarantine. The president and his son Flavio have appealed to (more…)

Brazil Supreme Court Asks to Suspend Bolsonaro for 180 Days

March 31, 2020

Marco Aurélio Mello, a Minister of Brazil’s Supreme Court, sent the Attorney General’s Office a request to suspend President Jair Bolsonaro from his post for 180 days for committing (more…)

US Defiles ‘Common Humanity’ During Pandemic

By Patrick Lawrence on March 30, 2020

Cuba sends 50–odd doctors and nurses to Italy, among the nations the COVID–19 virus has hit hardest. It was Cuba alone that assisted Britain in managing passengers on a stricken (more…)

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