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Message from Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel to the People’s Summit for Democracy

June 10, 2022

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel speaking to the People’s Summit for Democracy, photo: Bill Hackwell

Dear Manolo; and all the comrades who are participating in the People’s Summit for Democracy;

I was not wrong when I said that I will not be at the Summit of the Americas but the voice of Cuba certainly will. (more…)

The Summit of the Americas: The Things No one Wants to Talk About

By Gustavo A Maranges on June 9, 2022

the scene 2 blocks from Biden’s exclusive Summit. photo: Bill Hackwell

The Summit of the Americas has begun in Los Angeles and the Tower of Babel that Biden built is already tottering. Since June 6, the civil society forums have been in session and clashes between those who support the hegemonic role of the United States and those who defend the sovereignty of the Latin American peoples have not ceased. (more…)

Peoples Summit Opens with a Resurgence of Solidarity

By Bill Hackwell on June 8, 2022

Cuba panel at Peoples Summit, photo: Bill Hackwell

On its first of 3 days, the Peoples Summit for Democracy in Los Angeles opened by surpassing expectations in numbers attending and unity. (more…)

Care For The Environment: A Cuban Priority

By Alejandra Garcia on June 6, 2022 from Havana

Havana, photo: Bill Hackwell

Yesterday June 5th, the world marked International Environment Day, a date to raise awareness among humankind about the care and rescue of our common home, a struggle that Cuba has made a priority for decades. This should be a day where the whole world stops to reflect and take action against the alarming deterioration of the planet but unfortunately, especially in the developed world, it passes with the minimum of official notice. (more…)

Ralph Gonsalves: “Latin-Caribbean Integration is Necessary, but it has been Discontinuous”

By Laura Capote, Leticia Garziglia on June 6, 2022

Ralph Gonsalves

The small island countries of CARICOM have given a demonstration of dignity and sovereignty, maintaining firm positions on the U.S. interference policy against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Here is an Exclusive interview with Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (more…)

Summit of the Americas: Imperialist Domination and Exclusion

Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba on June 6, 2022 – Havana

photo: Bill Hackwell

The US Government, abusing its privilege of being the host country, decided at a very early stage to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the 9th Summit of the Americas to be held in the city of Los Angeles this month of June.  It has refused to attend to the just claims of many governments to change that discriminatory and unacceptable stand. (more…)

ALBA and Nicaragua – Defending Solidarity in a Divided World

By Stephen Sefton on June 5, 2022

recent ALBA meeting in Havana, photo: Yaimi Ravelo

Controversy has dogged this June’s United States government organized Summit of the Americas. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela had already abandoned the OAS, seriously damaging the credibility of the Organization of American States as a trustworthy hemispheric forum for the countries North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. (more…)

Cuba’s Voice Will Be Heard In the People’s Summit for Democracy Despite US Hostilities

By Alejandra Garcia and Bill Hackwell on June 5, 2022

March on Biden’s Summit of Exclusion, June 10, 5pm

The United States insists on denying Cuba’s participation in the two most important political events to be held in the region this year: the Summit of the Americas and the People’s Summit for Democracy. (more…)

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