Latin America and the U.S. Occupation

By Marcelo Colussi on July 13, 2019

Throughout the countries of this great geographic area of Latin America, even since its native aristocracies were born, the project of nation building was always weak. (more…)

UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Bachelet’s Gift to the US: Justifying Regime Change in Venezuela

By Roger D. Harris on July 12, 2019

Michelle Bachelet and President Nicolás Maduro

UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s report on Venezuela echoes the US government’s talking points, which are designed to terminate (more…)

Colombia: The Revolutionary Posture of Jesus Santrich

By Nelson Lombana Silva on July 11, 2019

The noble personality and revolutionary make up of comrade Jesus Santrich is not up for debate, on the contrary he generates admiration in such a historical (more…)

Trump’s Attack against Immigrants Meets Resistance

By Alicia Jrapko and Bill Hackwell on July 14, 2019

Nearly 800 events took place this weekend across the United States organized by grassroots organizations including religious sectors, community groups, (more…)

Ivan Duque:  Which Moral Authority?

By Elson Concepcion Perez on July 10, 2019

Social leaders murdered in Colombia this year.

This article exposes a reactionary side effect of the Bachelet untruthful and biased report against the Bolivarian government of Nicolas Maduro. (more…)

Goal of Trump’s ICE Raids Threat Is to Terrorize Immigrant Communities

By Eoin Higgins on July 11, 2019

President Donald Trump’s war on immigrants will reportedly enter a new phase Sunday as ICE agents across the country are then expected to begin several days of (more…)

Helms-Burton: An Act Against the World

By Gustavo Espinoza M. on  July 10, 2019

Graphic: Aidan

When the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991 and the socialist system in Eastern Europe came down, the United States Administration was sure that Cuba (more…)

Venezuela: The Bachelet Lie

By Peter Koenig on July 8, 2019

When reading the Bachelet Report on Human Rights, following HR High Commissioner’s 3 day visit to Venezuela, published on Venezuela’s National (more…)

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