The Joker’s Legacy

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on January 21, 2021

In his final hours in the White House, Donald Trump released his administration’s “Accomplishments”, a (more…)

Biden and Trump: a Film with an Open Ending

By José Steinsleger on January 20, 2021

The Lincoln Memorial, Photo: Bill Hackwell

Unique and anomalous, the country that never had a name, and which from its birth excluded the word “democracy” in the little (more…)

The Serpent and the Idea

By Omar Olazábal Rodríguez on January, 2021

Cuban doctors fighting Covid 19 in Italy. Photo: Enrique Ubieta

Every day in Cuba has been difficult. We do nothing but smile at something pleasant, and a demon that lurks has tried to embitter our (more…)

Brazilians Celebrate Arrival of Venezuelan Oxygen Supplies to Struggling Manaus

January 20, 2021

The first shipment of oxygen tanks from Venezuela arrived to Manaus, Amazonas. Photo: Twitter/Jorge Arreaza

Trucks carrying oxygen tanks arrived to the city of Manaus in the Brazilian state of Amazonas from Venezuela on the night of January 19. (more…)


By David Brooks on January 18, 2021

2010 immigrant rights march on the US capitol. Photo: Bill Hackwell

What has been lost sight of in recent days since the unusual assault on the Capitol on January 6 in an attempted coup (more…)

Guatemalan Security Forces Repress Honduran Migrant Caravan Heading Towards the US

January 18, 2021

Guatemalan security forces repress Honduran migrants with tear gas and stun grenades on January 17, in the town of Vado Hondo. Photo: Prensa Libre

Guatemalan military and police forces, on January 17, repressed the caravan of thousands of Honduran migrants and (more…)

Biden Inaugural Guest is Venezuelan Coup Leader Charged with Inciting Violent Assault on Gov’t Building

By Anya Parampil on January 17, 2021

After condemning the pro-Trump invasion of the Capitol, the incoming Biden administration invited Carlos Vecchio – a (more…)

La Via Campesina Opposes the Inclusion of Cuba in the U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

January 15, 2021

We, La Via Campesina – an international peasant movement made up of 182 organizations in 81 countries (more…)

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