José Martí: A Quiet Solemnity 127 Years after His Death

By Alejandra Garcia on May 19, 2022, from Havana

Jose Marti, photo: Bill Hackwell

One hundred and twenty-seven years ago, Cuba lost its most illustrious son, José Martí. He lived, thought, wrote, and was inspired by his country. Martí was devoted to the struggle for Cuba’s independence from the Spanish regime and lost his life a few days after the beginning of the second -and definitive- stage of the war for independence (more…)

Biden’s Measures Toward Cuba: Not Enough

By Alejandra Garcia and Gustavo A Maranges on May 17, 2022 from Havana

like the virus, the US blockade isolates. photo: Bill Hackwell

On May 16, the United States’ government announced some cosmetic changes in its foreign policy towards Cuba. The decision came after five years of the harshest enforcement of the blockade ever seen, first during the Donald Trump-Era, and then maintained to the maximum by the Joe Biden administration. (more…)

Summit of the Americas or Summit of the Exclusions?

By Alejandra Garcia on May 15, 2022 from Havana

The United States has decided to exclude Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua from the IX Summit of the Americas, scheduled to be held June 8-10 in Los Angeles, but the continent has not remained silent. (more…)

AMLO: Cuba Is Not Alone

By Alejandra Garcia on May 10, 2022

amlo y raul

AMLO meets with Raul Castro

This weekend, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) made a historic visit to Cuba, which allowed both countries to strengthen their long-standing friendship. Although it was brief, it helped in showing Cubans and the world that this Caribbean island, blockaded and besieged by the United States, is not alone. (more…)

Saratoga Explosion: Stories of Pain and Hope

By Alejandra Garcia on May 8, 2022 from Havana

Rescue workers

Rescue workers continue to comb through the rubble for signs of life.
Photo: Bill Hackwell

It is Mother’s Day in Cuba, but in Havana there is no music or merriment, as usually happens on this date. The city has been in mourning since Friday, when a massive explosion shook the Saratoga Hotel, in Old Havana, collapsing part of its facade and spreading terror among neighbors in the surrounding communities. (more…)

Cuba: Beautiful and United on this May Day

By Alejandra Garcia on May 1, 2022 from Havana

May Day HavanaHavana’s Revolution Square looked beautiful this Sunday, as it had not been for three years. With the first morning light, thousands of Havanans, Cubans from all over our geography, and friends from other latitudes paraded as one in front of the giant bust of José Martí. All carried Cuban flags of all sizes, signs that read “Cuba Lives and Works,” “Yes, we can,” or showed images of Fidel, Raúl, and President Miguel Díaz-Canel. (more…)

Cuba and Mexico United at the Havana International Book Fair

By Alejandra Garcia on April 24, 2022 from Havana

 During these days, Cuba is reliving one of the island’s most important cultural moments: the yearly Havana International Book Fair. Two years and a pandemic later, the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress reopened its doors to the public from all over the country and from other latitudes seeking to celebrate Cuba’s ” Great Book Festivity”, which this year is dedicated to the literature of a fellow country, Mexico. (more…)

Cuba Gets Closer To Having a New Family Code

By Alejandra Garcia on April 21, 2022

Joanna Pereira being interviewed by Alejandra Garcia

At the end of April, Cuba will conclude the process of popular discussion of the Family Code, a legal initiative that seeks to be an agreed upon portrait of Cuban society. It came out of necessity, because much has changed in the island’s social panorama since the 1970s, when the current Code came into existence. (more…)

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