Pandemic: White House and IMF the First to Be Infected

By Atilio Boron on March 20, 2020

Wars, economic crises, natural disasters, and pandemics are catastrophic events that bring out the worst and best in people – both leaders and ordinary people – and also in social actors (more…)

Cuba Saves

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on March 19, 2020

Passengers of MS Braemar express their gratitude to Cuba. Photo: Ricardo López Hevia

The cruise ship MS Braemar, with five confirmed cases of Covid-19 and a thousand people on board, docked shortly before dawn this Wednesday in the Port of Mariel, 40 kilometers from Havana. (more…)

The IMF Denies Venezuela the $5 Billion Requested to Address the Coronavirus

By Nahir González on March 18, 2020

Yesterday afternoon the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela requested a loan of $5 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to address the coronavirus pandemic. (more…)

Bolsonaro, the Deaf President

By Dario Pignotti on March 18, 2020

Bolsonaro defies the virus

By the attitude and statements made in recent days, Jair Bolsonaro shows that he has not taken note of the serious way the coronavirus is advancing in Brazil, where this Tuesday the (more…)

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Bolsonaro’s Brazil Begs for Cuban Doctors – After Expelling Them

By Ben Norton on March 17, 2020

Cuban doctor in remote village in Brazil. Photo: Araquem Alcantara

The coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed the health infrastructure of countries around the world. Desperate to contain the deadly virus, hard-hit countries, including even rich (more…)

U.S. Army Invades Virus Plagued Europe

By Bruce K. Gagnon on March 16, 2020

In the midst of a staggering virus epidemic that has shut much of Europe down, the insane and arrogant United States is presently sending 30,000 Army troops throughout Europe for war games. (more…)

Coronavirus: In Solidarity, Cuba is Unique

By Carlos Aznarez on March 17, 2020

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Cuba is unique for a thousand reasons but especially because its people and that Revolution with 61 years of decent existence have turned solidarity into a way of living. (more…)

Cuba and the Concept of Community of Nations

By Bill Hackwell on March 17, 2020

Cuban medical brigade. Photo: Bill Hackwell

Some years ago I was talking to a Cuban doctor about what a remarkable achievement it was that Cuba was able to eliminate Malaria in 1973. (more…)

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