Government Report Documents US Responsibility for Venezuela’s Humanitarian Dilemma

By Roger D. Harris on May 1, 2021

Photo: Lucas Kroener

Venezuela was once one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America. The popular classes enjoyed major advances from the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chávez. Today Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis with severe humanitarian consequences. (more…)

The Importance of Being in the Plaza of the Revolution on May 1

By Alicia Jrapko and Bill Hackwell on May 1, 2021

Photo: Bill Hackwell, May 1, 2006

There is nothing quite like celebrating May 1 in the Plaza of the Revolution with the people of Cuba. It merges honoring the workers of the world with the Cuban Revolution in a unique and resounding way because the setting is in a  society that puts the health and welfare of the workers ahead of all else. A place where there is no corporate royalty, no greedy Wall Street gangsters. (more…)

‘Evo Is Our President’: Voices from Rural Peru

April 27, 2021

Benigno Vengoa and Carlos Cusihuaman Photo: Kawsachun News

Kawsachun News spoke to Benigno Vengoa and Carlos Cusihuaman, who visited Bolivia as part of a delegation from Peru to participate as observers of the meeting of the RUNASUR technical commission in Villa Tunari, Cochabamba on April 24th and 25th. RUNASUR is the integrational project led by Evo Morales, with the aim of creating an organization to unite South America’s social movements. (more…)

Campaign of Struggles: The MST Donates More than 100 Tons of Food in Brazil

April 27, 2021

Photo: Ana Olívia Godoy – MST

The Landless Workers Movement (MST) is in solidarity and shares its harvest with the workers affected by the food crisis that the country is suffering, in the situation where more than half of the Brazilian population is not guaranteed that they will have food on the table. (more…)

Changes in Cuba

By Rosa Miriam Elizalde on April 29, 2021

Raul , Photo: Abel Padron Padilla

I remember the epitaphs written in advance 30 years ago. As the USSR crumbled, the wise men of the tribe predicted that Cuba would not resist without Moscow’s gold nor would it be able to withstand the entropy of “real socialism” with the addition of U.S. pressures. “With the shovel held high, the gravediggers wait,” wrote Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano in 1992. (more…)

How Nicaragua Thrives Despite Illegal US Intervention

By Madeline McClure on April 27, 2021

The silhouette of Augusto Sandino presides over the site of his assassination. Photo: Madeline McClure

In March, 2021, I traveled to Nicaragua as a delegate with the Sanctions Kill! coalition to witness the impact of the ‘coercive measures’ the U.S. uses to impose its political and economic interests, rationalized by its allegations of repression and political crisis. Yet rather than find a people under dictatorship, I arrived to a society thrumming with autonomous productivity, bolstered by decades of redistributed wealth, historic self-determination and a disciplined sense of resiliency. (more…)

An Unstoppable Wave against the Blockade of Cuba

By Pedro Martínez Pírez on April 26, 2021

Santa Clara caravan, Photo: Ismael Francisco

This past Sunday, and in spite of the COVID pandemic, many people around the world once again came out against the U.S. blockade of Cuba.  And for the first time, a regatta was held in front of the Havana seawall with the participation of boats from a number of countries, including yachts flying the U.S. flag. (more…)

Critical Thinking: Who Will Apologize to Brazil?

By Emir Sader on April 27, 2021

Photo: Bill Hackwell

Brazil is immersed in a humanitarian catastrophe. The country — which a little more than five years ago was an example in the fight against poverty, the fight against inequality and income distribution — has become, in just a few years, a hell, both for Brazilians and for the rest of the world. (more…)

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