In the Wake of Jovenel Moise’s Assassination: Building Solidarity with Haiti’s Popular Movement

By Robert Roth on July 19, 2021

Protest for Haiti in SF. photo: Bill Hackwell

Today, in Haiti, the violent rule of Jovenel Moise has come to a violent end. Moise himself had recently said he had “about a million enemies,” and that was undoubtedly true. In his effort to maintain power and exercise full dictatorial control, he not only sparked a powerful grassroots uprising, but angered other factions within Haiti’s elite. (more…)

Colombia- Selective Murders, Sexual Torture and Disappearances; the Horror under the Duque Government.

By Danilo Albín on July 20, 2021.

Bogota police officers attack journalists, photo: Nathalia Angarita

A report prepared by representatives of social organizations and human rights activists from 13 countries warns about the serious repression unleashed in Colombia, while calling for an urgent halt to the sale of European weapons to the government of right-wing President Iván Duque. (more…)

Neoliberal Model Takes Hold in Ecuador at the Hands of Lasso

July 20, 2021

photo: John Dennehy

Ecuador’s new government has been showing signs of a reversal of the surrenderist policies that had been abolished with the arrival of the Citizen Revolution, and which survived the neoliberalization process of the Moreno administration. (more…)

If You Grew up with the US Blockade as a Cuban, You Might Understand the Recent Protests Differently

By Manolo De Los Santos and Vijay Prashad on July 20, 2021

Protest in defense of the Cuban Revolution Photo: Minrex

During the early morning of July 17, Johana Tablada joined tens of thousands of Cubans as they gathered along the Malecón boulevard in Havana to stand with the Cuban Revolution. “We are human beings who live, work, suffer, and struggle for a better Cuba,” she told us. (more…)

Peru: The National Electoral Jury Proclaims Pedro Castillo’s Victory as His Cabinet Begins to Take Shape

July 20, 2021

photo: John Reyes, La Republica

Peru’s National Jury of Elections (JNE) has finally proclaimed the next president following the conclusion of a lengthy process of challenges filed by Keiko Fujimori’s right-wing Popular Force party will be progressive trade unionist and teacher Pedro Castillo who will assume office on July 28. (more…)

Miami Holds Responsibility for the Chaos in Haiti

By Alejandra Garcia on July 18, 2021

Photo: Jeanty Augustin,

This weekend, Haitian authorities made a revelation that does not come as a surprise to any Latin American country: the plan to assassinate President Jovenel Moise was orchestrated from Miami, Florida. (more…)

The Recent Unrest in Cuba: Textbook Example of Fake News and Media Warfare

By Marc Vandepiette on July 17, 2021

The Guardian claimed this photo was an anti Cuba protest when the opposite was true.

“Washington’s hysterical dedication to crush Cuba from almost the first days of its independence in 1959 is one of the most extraordinary phenomena of modern history, but still, the level of petty sadism is a constant surprise.” – Noam Chomsky (more…)

COVID – 19 in Brazil: Over Half a Million Deaths and a Tale of Political Incompetence

By Matheus Z Falcao on July 16, 2021

Out with Bolsonaro

The already challenging scenario in Brazil is getting tenser day by day with the still uncontrolled pandemic and the political crisis faced by the Bolsonaro administration. On July 10, the death toll surpassed half a million. With less than 3% of the world’s population, Brazil has reported about 13% of the global COVID-19 deaths. These numbers illustrate the inadequacy of the country’s response. (more…)

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